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F5 F5 F5, by cornfields
(17,252 words) Eighty Doors is a show that, by all rights, should have been canceled three years ago. Most remaining fans freely admit that the show has jumped the shark, but they're midway through the seventh season and a select few are still regular visitors of one of fandom's best Eighty Doors forums.

Featuring: Tazer and Aves the Moderators; Segs, Chubbs, and Sid the fic writers; Kaner the episode expert; Geno the Sid fan; and Latts and Willy arguing with each other in 72-point red Chiller font.

[There is no main pairing. Each chapter is a different pairing.]
Fandom:Hockey  cornfields  pairing:Kane/Towes  pairing:Benn/Seguin  pairing:Crosby/Malkin  pairing:Latta/Wilson  words:10k-20k  rating:PG-13  host:AO3  type:rpf 
december 2015 by Writing2Death
They’d been careful. They’d remained inside during the full moons since returning to the States and Danny had kept the boys out of the pack’s sight, away from potentially dangerous prying eyes. Even those of his teammates.

And it should’ve worked.
oneshot  series:wolves.on.ice  fandom:hockey  warnings:supernatural.violence  words:10k-20k  rating:mature  trope:werewolves  trope:alpha/beta/omega  trope:kidfic  pairing:danny.briere/claude.giroux  character:danny.briere  character:claude.giroux 
september 2015 by emperatrice
let's escape this town for a little while
It’s written into Jeff’s contract that he isn’t allowed to spend time with Eric without supervision. He thinks it’s written into Eric’s too, but he’s always been too embarrassed to ask.

Jeff knows it would be bad for an alpha and an omega to start sleeping together unbonded—it would be a press nightmare for the team—but he can keep it in his pants. He wishes management would just trust him to do his job. None of his former coaches can honestly say that his being an omega has significantly gotten in the way of his play.
oneshot  words:10k-20k  warnings:none  rating:explicit  trope:alpha/beta/omega  kink:barebacking  kink:  knotting  fandom:hockey  character:jeff.skinner  character:eric.staal  pairing:jeff.skinner/eric.staal 
september 2015 by emperatrice
at the end of all your lines
The one where Carts and Richie get drunk married in Vegas and totally don't care, because they're more worried about getting traded.
oneshot  words:10k-20k  warnings:none  trope:accidental.marriage  rating:mature  fandom:hockey  pairing:mike.richards/jeff.carter  character:mike.richards  character:jeff.carter 
september 2015 by emperatrice
This Must Be the Place
There’s what everyone else does, and there’s what Sidney does, and there’s not much intersection between the two.
oneshot  words:10k-20k  warnings:none  rating:explicit  fandom:hockey  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  character:sidney.crosby  character:evgeni.malkin 
september 2015 by emperatrice
Rumor Has It
For a while, Ryan was just the third wheel in the Hallsy and Ebs show. But, somewhere in the middle of their lockout-shortened season, that all changed. Ryan isn't sure when it changed--probably about the same time the team stopped teasing him about it, and started getting concerned he was trying to break the two of them up. But when Ryan brings it up, he finds out he might be the only one of them who thought they'd all become more than just friends, and he's not sure how to come back from that.
oneshot  fandom:hockey  pairing:jordan.eberle/taylor.hall/ryan.nugent-hopkins  character:jordan.eberle  character:taylor.hall  character:ryan.nugent-hopkins  words:10k-20k  rating:explicit  warnings:none 
september 2015 by emperatrice
First Day of My Life
The first girl Sid ever falls in love with is named Rachel Forbes. When he first meets her, she’s four weeks old, pink, and squishy-looking. Objectively, she’s kind of ugly, but she’s so tiny when he sees her in the incubator at NICU, and he’s never seen a baby that small.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  character:sidney.crosby  character:evgeni.malkin  words:10k-20k  warnings:none  trope:kidfic  oneshot  rating:teen 
september 2015 by emperatrice
Welcome to Maryland - becks - Hannibal (TV)
After Hannibal's arrest, Will struggles to come to terms with a relationship that he shouldn't want. (Written for the kinkmeme "omegaverse conjugal visits" prompt.)
A/B/O  hannibal  hannigram  rating:explicit  angst  dubcon  FuckorDie  hurt/comfort  words:10k-20k 
september 2015 by aliassmith
In the Garden of the Hurricane's Eye - TheLCM - Hannibal (TV)
After everything, an unearthed video brings Hannibal Lecter out of hiding, and grants Will both unpleasant perspective and a new weapon.

OR: Mason Verger made a sex tape. Hannibal participated. Everyone blames Will Graham.
hannibal  hannigram  FirstTime  dubcon  drug-use  words:10k-20k  rating:explicit 
september 2015 by aliassmith
And So I Raise Me Up From Sleep - bendingsignpost - Hannibal (TV)
Will should call Hannibal and ask for the last time Hannibal saw him. Except that isn’t exactly a landmine Will’s ready to walk over just yet. No, he should call Alana, but nothing says I want to be your stable boyfriend like I’m either hallucinating or sleeping with someone else.
ambiguousness  hannigram  hannibal  rating:explicit  words:10k-20k  instability  illness 
september 2015 by aliassmith
if you will come all the way down with me - coloredink - Hannibal (TV)
“This is important to me,” says Hannibal. “You will have to know how to do this, if we are to be together.”
hannibal  hannigram  rating:M  cannibalism  words:10k-20k  CharacterDeath  TW:AnimalDeath 
september 2015 by aliassmith
sing for the damage we've done - coloredink - Hannibal (TV)
"Or we can socialize like adults," said Dr. Lecter. "Or do you believe that Alphas and Omegas can't be friends?"
A/B/O  hannibal  hannigram  rating:explicit  words:10k-20k 
september 2015 by aliassmith
How the Light Gets In - theheartischill - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
There are reckonings to be made. He told Natasha he is always honest, and lately he wonders if anyone can lay claim to that with certainty. He told Peggy—he has told many people, and long believed it—that he has only ever wanted to do what is right, but when Bucky sits folded in on himself in an armchair, hair obscuring his face, so still it's like he's forgotten he has a body—when Steve looks at the lines of his body so new in its contours yet sometimes so terribly familiar in its movements, he thinks—when he sees Bucky he cannot name one thing he would not do to save him this time. The other parts of him have been so suddenly used up that he cannot be sure they were not a illusion, and it scares him.

He told the man who changed his life that he didn't want to kill anyone, and it was not a lie but has not remained true. That scares him, too.
fandom:avengers  pairing:bucky/steve  words:10k-20k  author:theheartischill  rating:r 
december 2014 by imogenedisease

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