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Display Eventbrite Events on WordPress | Fullworks WordPress
Power up your events by using Eventbrite and use this widget and shortcode to display your next events on your website START FREE TRIAL DocumentationDemo Page…
wordpress  plugins  events  eventbrite 
4 hours ago by garyleatherman
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter WordPress Plugins
Fully customizable social media feed plugins for WordPress. Display your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds on your website, your way.
wordpress  plugin  facebook  plugins  SocialMediaTools  instagram 
4 hours ago by garyleatherman
How To Add A Live Facebook Feed To Your WordPress Website
Increase engagement and improve the user experience of your website, learn how to add a live Facebook feed to your WordPress website.
divi  facebook  wordpress  plugin  sociamedia 
4 hours ago by garyleatherman
📦 A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins. - ahmadawais/
9 hours ago by guictx
Restrict User Access – Membership Plugin with Force
Restrict content and contexts to control what your users get exclusive access to, or drip content over time. Create an unlimited number of Access Levels and override user and role capabilities.

Use this plugin to quickly set up a membership site where your users can get different levels such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Then, restrict access to e.g. posts tagged “Premium”, articles written by specific authors, or all your free products.

No coding required.
Unlimited Access Levels

Multiple levels per user
Sync with User Roles, Logged in, or Logged out
Add membership durations
Unlock (drip) content for new members
Permit & deny level capabilities
Hide nav menu items
Restrict Widget Areas in Content Aware Sidebars
Redirect unauthorized users to a page or custom link
Tease content for unauthorized users and show custom message
Shortcode to fine-tune restrictions in your posts or pages
wp-plugins  wordpress  roles 
11 hours ago by kOoLiNuS

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