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The Long Road Home - Scribblesinink (Scribbler) - Lord of the Rings (2001 2002 2003) [Archive of Our Own]
Against all odds, Boromir survives Amon Hen. Ashamed and filled with remorse, he goes on a quest for redemption. Bound by his promise to a sick man, Faramir keeps the secret of his brother's survival. But as secrets are wont to do, the truth comes out eventually and Aragorn journeys north to bring Gondor's prodigal son home.
fic  LotR  author:scribblesinink  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
29 days ago by anascho
like a banner into battle - branwyn - A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Doran, ruling prince of Dorne, arrives in King's Landing to discuss the proposed betrothal of his son Prince Trystane to the King's sister, Princess Myrcella.

His entourage arrives at the doors of the throne room JUST in time to see Meryn Trant tear Sansa Stark's gown open and beat her with his sword.
fic  GameOfThrones  sansa/oberyn  author:branwyn  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved  wip 
january 2019 by anascho
What Dreams - emungere - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A seduction through physical objects. It starts with a scarf loaned to Will on a cold day, but Hannibal, as usual, isn't satisfied with anything small.
fic  hannibal  will/hannibal  author:emungere  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
december 2018 by anascho
Lucky Seven - BetteNoire (WeAreWolves) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Captain America trashes his motorcycle a lot. Tony says he'll fix it, then never gets around to it and just buys him a new one. Steve, the Depression-era kid, can't stand the waste and goes looking for somewhere near him in Brooklyn where he can get his bike fixed. That's how he finds Red Star Bike Repair, and the hot Russian-immigrant bike racer who runs it: all long hair and muscles and tattoos. And for the first time since he woke from the ice, Steve feels a connection to someone; a comfort in the other man's silences and his space, an attraction in his sheer skill at racing. But James Barnes isn't exactly who he seems...
fic  avengers  steve/bucky  author:bettenoire  wordcount:95k  au  ao3  saved 
november 2018 by anascho
Where You Still Remember Dreaming - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Balto.”

“What’s yours?”


Derek raises an eyebrow. That isn’t his real name. There’s no way. But now he thinks about it, he has a vague memory of someone, probably Uncle Peter, telling him that with the fae, names have power. “I’m Miguel,” he says.


“Are you trying to tell me your real name is Stiles?”

Stiles runs his tongue across his teeth and considers Derek carefully. “Fair enough,” he says, “Miguel it is.”

Grabbing his groceries and pocketing the change, Derek turns to leave; he’s nearly at the door when Stiles calls out, “By the way, Miguel, if you’re interested, it’s two for one on bags of kibble at the pet store down the street.”

Derek doesn’t look back, doesn’t hesitate, just raises a hand and flips him off on the way out.
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  author:yodasyoyo  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
june 2018 by anascho
Blood and Bone - Skasis - The Punisher (TV 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
Frank Castle is a boxer at the top of his game. Laconic and anti-social, he has a reputation for being an incredibly-tough interview.

Karen Page is a sports reporter trying to prove herself in a male-dominated field. She's done playing games--trying to be the "Cool Girl" who caters to the male fantasy--and now she's on a mission to take no shit.

"For a while, the fact that an interview with Castle lasting longer than 5 minutes even existed was big news. Splashed all over the message boards—circulated among boxing and Castle fans alike. The very concept that someone actually got the man to sit down for more than a breath of time and give multiple-sentence answers to a question—it was huge. Massive. It was the only thing Castle fans could talk about.

Until three months later, when Frank Castle disappeared.

Then that was the news. It was the only news."
fic  thepunisher  karen/frank  author:skasis  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
april 2018 by anascho
if you try to break me, you will bleed - Dialux - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.
fic  GameOfThrones  Jon/Sansa  author:dialux  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
august 2017 by anascho
The Lotus Eaters - aldora89 - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past. Slow build K/S.
startrek  kirk/spock  fic  author:aldora89  wordcount:95k  ao3  saved 
october 2015 by anascho

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