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bub, and a flower🌸 seho fic 🔞📌 on Twitter: "🔞 Seho tweetfic 🔞Junmyeon knows him and Sehun are close. They share a bed often, go on holidays together, are two of the closest people in the band.So when one day Sehun asks him for a hand job in
🔞 Seho tweetfic 🔞

Junmyeon knows him and Sehun are close. They share a bed often, go on holidays together, are two of the closest people in the band.

So when one day Sehun asks him for a hand job in name of "experimenting", who is Junmyeon to say no?
fandom:exo  pairing:sehun/suho  Wordcount:5k-10k  Genre:Romance  Genre:Angst  Rating:NC-17 
27 days ago by sleepy_orange
Circling Stars by Misunkun
(9153) After winning a case for one of the wealthiest media moguls in the country, a hardworking lawyer with a heart of gold becomes drawn into the lives of the Oh family and more specifically, the only son Sehun. Who Junmyeon firmly believes can do far better than him. Only the cheeky and impulsive heir just happens to be crushing very, very hard right back.

(A bonus Seho background short story that spans both Revelations and Two Sugars and reveals a couple of extra moments behind the scenes of each. Sometimes secrets happen between the lines you know so well. Takes place after the events in Chapter 6 of Two Sugars.)
fandom:exo  pairing:sehun/suho  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:PG-13  author:misunkun  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Romance  Trope:StupidBoyLove 
28 days ago by sleepy_orange
Dysfunctional Domesticity by yodasyoyo
(6,973) Derek schools his features into an expression that he hopes looks wise and profound, yet caring, and not like he was recently thinking about dicks.
Derek has a crush okay? A stupid crush on Stiles, which he will totally get over as long as he can make it through the holiday season without giving himself away.
Fortunately for him, Lydia has other plans.
fandom:teenwolf  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:R  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Humour  author:yodasyoyo 
january 2019 by sleepy_orange
Goodbye, apathy by maiihanii
(6,400) It's not that Oh Sehun doesn't care about things, he just doesn't notice them the same way everyone else does. And he definitely doesn't notice his hyung's amazing butt until it gets pointed out to him.
fandom:exo  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:PG-13  author:maiihanii  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Humour  Trope:StupidBoyLove 
december 2018 by sleepy_orange
desultory by tsudzukeru
(6,000) After EXO officially disbands, Joonmyun struggles to find a new road he can follow, but he’s not the only one.
fandom:exo  pairing:sehun/suho  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:PG-13  author:tsudzukeru  character:ot12 
december 2018 by sleepy_orange
Warp & Weft
In the wake of Snoke's death, the Force bond connecting Kylo and Rey begins to collapse. Kylo's rapidly deteriorating health doesn't escape Hux's notice.
challenge:kyluxsecretsanta  character:kylo  character:hux  character:rey  fandom:star_wars  genre:angst  genre:gettingtogether  genre:hurt/comfort  pairing:kylo/hux  rating:r  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k 
december 2018 by shinysylver_fic
You're the Perfect Lullaby by Anon
(8,200) His name is Joonmyun, and sometimes—half the time—Sehun is married to him.
fandom:exo  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:NC-17  Author:Anon  pairing:sehun/suho  Genre:ModernAU  Genre:Drama 
december 2018 by sleepy_orange
Bloom by zeraiya
(6,963) When Sehun looks at someone, he sees a simple flower. When Sehun looks at him, he sees the entire meadow.
fandom:exo  pairing:sehun/suho  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:PG-13  author:zeraiya  Genre:ModernAU 
december 2018 by sleepy_orange
always remember when shadows fall by minijhi
(5,328) “Shut up.” Kyungsoo complains. “It was a lot more peaceful in prison. I should never have let you break me out.”

Sleep, variations on a theme. Monster MV based.
fandom:exo  character:ot9  author:minijhi  Rating:PG  Wordcount:5k-10k  Genre:AU  Genre:Hurt/Comfort 
november 2018 by sleepy_orange
and never rose again - Dorkangel
There is no plausible way that the bird-boned little twins, both hurt, will be able to defend themselves against the most foul dangers of the woods, orcs or wolves or, most likely of all, starvation. It is early morning now: they must have been put to flight in the night.
The human hunter doubts very much that they would survive the next night alone.

(In which it is not incorrect, exactly, to say that Eluréd and Elurín were lost in the forest and died there, or to say that most of the people of Haleth left and travelled to the Mouths of Sirion after Húrin's slaying of Brandir. But most is not all, and long happy years might be lived between being lost and dying.)
fandom:TOLKIEN  fandom:SILMARILLION  genre:fix-it  genre:expanding-on-canon  genre:OC-centric/prominent_OCs  pairing:none  wordcount:5k-10k 
november 2018 by inner_v0ice
latch by owly
(7,145) “You’ve been showing too much skin, Sehunnie.”
Wordcount:5k-10k  Genre:PWP  author:owly  fandom:exo  character:ot9 
october 2018 by sleepy_orange
Fair Play
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren thinks he has the whole leadership thing down, however a diplomatic trip to a planet with valuable resources shows him just how wrong he is. Imprisoned and stripped of his ability to use the Force, Kylo is lost, but can he learn to rely on Hux before it’s too late?
fandom:star_wars  character:kylo  character:hux  challenge:kylux_big_bang  pairing:kylo/hux  rating:r  wordcount:5k-10k  genre:gettingtogether  genre:captured/escape  type:slash 
september 2018 by shinysylver_fic
Kabuki by hye-kyo
(6000) Her white face and decidedly red pout made him painfully aware of Kaoru's lack of knowledge in society; even a person such as himself would think it was fit only for the stage.
Fandom:RurouniKenshin  pairing:kenshin/kouru  Wordcount:5k-10k  Rating:PG  author:hye-kyo  Genre:Romance 
august 2018 by sleepy_orange
The Rules (Tis Them)
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wade/Peter
Rating: T
Summary: [Prompt: hopelessly pining peter (like high school crush style without the high school because high school aus r boring)]

Peter pines over Wade (and isn't in high school). That's the story.
fandom:deadpool  fandom:marvel  fandom:mcu  fic-length:short  wordcount:5k-10k  pairing:wade-wilson/peter-parker  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  tag:fluff/cute 
july 2018 by silk
Peter Swap
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wade/Peter
Rating: T
Summary: Peter from Earth 616, who is not particularly fond of Wade Wilson, and Peter from Earth 4√4, who is happily in love with the mercenary, fall into a rift in the multiverse at the same time and get stuck in each other's worlds, waiting for Reed Richards to come back from space to send them back home.
fandom:deadpool  fandom:marvel  fic-length:short  wordcount:5k-10k  pairing:wade-wilson/peter-parker  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  tag:multiverse  tag:fluff/cute  tag:hurt/comfort  tag:angst  *personalfavorites 
june 2018 by silk
Series: The Adventures of Autistic Spidey and Schizophrenic Wade (Who Fall in Love and Do Other Fun Stuff)
[3 fics]
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wade/Peter
Rating: SFW
Summary: Spider-Man meets Deadpool for the first time, and realizes there's more to the merc than people have been telling him when he spirals unexpectedly into a panic attack and Deadpool actually stays with him through it. Not only stays, but actually makes Peter...feel better? What the heck?

In which dick jokes and obscure references to rom-coms are made, Wade is a sweetheart, and Peter comes away from their very first meeting already totally smitten.

1) Spider-Man and Deadpool Have a Meet-Cute
2) Spider-Man and Deadpool Do Nonnie Prompts
3) Spider-Man and Deadpool Talk to the Avengers (It Goes About How You'd Expect)
type:series  fandom:marvel  fandom:mcu  fandom:deadpool  fic-length:medium  fic-length:short  wordcount:30k-40k  wordcount:10k-20k  wordcount:5k-10k  pairing:wade-wilson/peter-parker  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  tag:meet-cute  tag:fluff/cute 
june 2018 by silk
Oblivious In Love
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wade/Peter
Rating: T
Summary: Peter and Wade are sort of a thing. Everyone knows. Except for Peter. FLUFF
fandom:marvel  fandom:mcu  fandom:deadpool  fic-length:short  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  tag:humor  tag:fluff/cute  pairing:wade-wilson/peter-parker  wordcount:5k-10k 
may 2018 by silk

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