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Of All the Colors in the Rain by etonnant67
(66, 063) 28 feels like the end of the world. But sometimes, the end takes you right back to the beginning.

Or, in the alternative, Junmyeon finally gets a second chance to try to make things right.
fandom:exo  pairing:sehun/suho  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:NC-17  Genre:Romance  Genre:Angst  Genre:AU  trope:timetravel  author:etonnant67 
9 days ago by sleepy_orange
barquebatch + skyisgray : first, do no harm
James Barnes should be just like any other patient Steve sees in his Brooklyn clinic, but the mob enforcer bleeding all over his waiting room chair apparently didn’t get the memo.

Warnings: implied drug use, violence, mild medical procedures
mcu  mcu:bucky/steve  mcu:explicit  wordcount:50k-100k 
may 2018 by mxulv
neaf : no envy, no fear
Everybody already knows what they are before their marking day. You’re a Dom, or you’re a Sub, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one you are once puberty hits and the hormones kick in.

Warnings: dom/sub
glee  glee:blaine/kurt  glee:explicit  wordcount:50k-100k 
may 2018 by mxulv
Fight Fires In Your Best Clothes by standinginanicedress
(67,631) The key isn’t actually being confident, he repeats in his head in Lydia’s breathy voice. It’s faking the hell out of it and looking as sexy as possible while you do it. For omegas, it’s easy. There’s a natural charm to all of us that only takes seconds to engage, and barely takes practice.

Walk into the room, he chants in his head. Own it, and look people in the eyes. Find the best looking alpha, have them buy you a drink, and the rest is easy.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  author:standinginanicedress  Rating:NC-17  Genre:AU  Genre:Humour  Genre:Drama  trope:alpha/omega/beta 
october 2017 by sleepy_orange
chases, escapes, true love, miracles
Just because the timeline has been restored, doesn't mean things are back to normal. Cisco's got 99 problems, and Harry Wells is approximately 38 of them.

In which Cisco makes a bunch of plans, fails most of them, narrowly avoids being disintegrated, receives a hug or two, finds his groove, and gets his man. More or less in that order.
fandom:theflash  character:theflash:ciscoramon  character:theflash:harrywells  character:theflash:barryallen  pairing:cisco/harry  rating:pg-13  wordcount:50k-100k  friendship:cisco+barry  genre:romance  trope:banter  trope:communication  trope:first-time  trope:friends-to-lovers  trope:illness/injury  trope:kidnapping  trope:powers  trope:slowbuild  trope:familiesofchoice  trope:timelineshenanigans 
april 2017 by anka_kay
Like a Summer with a Thousand July
Joe finds himself being drawn to the last person he ever would have expected, but a dark spot from Cisco's past threatens to to end things before they can even begin.
fandom:theflash  pairing:cisco/joe  character:theflash:ciscoramon  character:theflash:joewest  character:theflash:cailtlinsnow  rating:nc-17  wordcount:50k-100k  *****  genre:drama  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  trope:first-time  trope:roadtrip 
march 2017 by anka_kay
The Guard and Red by Andavs
(74,200)Derek moves back to Beacon Hills after twelve years in New York and finds that the city has a superhero problem, his sister has a co-op problem, he has a neighbor problem, and he and Stiles spend a lot of time hanging from a fake rock and yelling at each other at seven in the morning.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:R  author:andavs  Genre:ActionAdventure  Trope:Superheroes 
november 2015 by sleepy_orange
A Different Kind of Alpha
Derek regains his footing and stands over the man, who can’t be more than twenty. He has brown hair and what might be moles, but it’s hard to tell past the layer of blood and grime he’s covered in. At the very least, Derek’s sure they’ve never met before.

The man looks up at him with wide eyes, his entire body trembling.


“I’m Derek Hale,” Derek begins again, letting his eyes bleed red to make his point. “Alpha of the-”


The man cuts him off once more, this time by passing out. From the looks of him, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  character:teenwolf:stilesstilinski  character:teenwolf:derekhale  character:teenwolf:scottmccall  character:teenwolf:sheriffstilinski  character:teenwolf:vernonboyd  character:teenwolf:allisonargent  character:teenwolf:melissamccall  status:wip  friendship:stiles+scott  rating:r  wordcount:50k-100k  warning:violence  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  trope:illness/injury  trope:kidnapping  trope:misunderstandings  trope:pack  trope:panicattacks  trope:ptsd  trope:slowbuild  trope:teenwolf:alphapack 
august 2015 by anka_kay
Thorns by standinginanicedress
(60,585) Stiles is more than positive that all the alphas in Beacon Hills have it marked on their fucking calenders in black sharpie – the third week of every month, Stiles goes into heat, and it's the single most confusing week of his life every time. In general, it's nice to be doted on like this, it's nice to get mountains of new things he'll either use or give to the donation box for humans in need or Scott, and it's nice to get all the attention. Most of the time, it's nice to get all the attention.

But sometimes...Stiles just gets fucking sick of it.

or the one where Derek finally plucks up the courage to court Stiles the way he deserves
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:NC-17  author:standinginanicedress  trope:highschoolau  trope:heatau  trope:alpha/omega/beta  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Romance  Genre:Humour 
june 2015 by sleepy_orange
play it again by metisket
(67,886) In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:PG-13  author:mestiket  Genre:AU  Genre:ActionAdventure 
march 2015 by sleepy_orange
Skin Deep by manic_intent
(64,706) Written for the kmeme, Everyone-is-a-werewolf AU. Erik happens upon a seemingly abandoned mansion in Westchester during a full moon and finds an insanely clueless werewolf living in isolation.
fandom:XMenFirstClass  pairing:charles/erik  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:NC-17  trope:wereverse  author:manicintent  trope:protective!eric  Genre:Epic 
march 2015 by sleepy_orange
Important Things by suzvoy
(71,466) Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What the hell?
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:R  author:suzvoy  Genre:Romance  Genre:ActionAdventure 
february 2015 by sleepy_orange
Cornerstone by Vendelin
(83,738) Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:NC-17  author:vendelin  Genre:Hurt/Comfort  gen 
january 2015 by sleepy_orange
Letting Go by ladyvenoms
(58,217) Another story involving all my favs from the Ludus Crew! This one centers mainly around my boys, Agron and Nasir but Crixus and Naevia have some things to work out too. This story takes place shortly after the Epilogue of "Four Days", but it can pass as a stand alone story as well.

Some people have a hard time letting go and it causes major complications in the lives of others.
fandom:spartacus  pairing:agron/nasir  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:NC-17  author:ladyvenoms  verse:ludusgym  Genre:ModernAU  Genre:Drama 
january 2015 by sleepy_orange
Live Fast, Die Old by rivlee
(60,804) A modern!au featuring all the characters as musicians/artists/writers etc. Heavy on agron/nasir and duro/auctus.
fandom:spartacus  pairing:agron/nasir  pairing:actus/duro  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:R  author:rivlee  Genre:ModernAU  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Humour  Genre:Romance 
january 2015 by sleepy_orange
Ripples by winterwonderland
(78,216) With his brother in hospital, Crixus on a hopeless rescue mission and Spartacus’ club in more trouble than ever, the last thing Agron needs is someone new messing up his schedule. Especially if that someone is a bratty kid whose greatest skill seems to be to know how to push Agron’s buttons.

fandom:spartacus  pairing:agron/nasir  Wordcount:50k-100k  author:winterwonderland  Rating:R  Genre:ModernAU  Genre:ActionAdventure  Genre:Romance 
december 2014 by sleepy_orange
Anyone Who Isn't Us by gaygreekgladiator
(52,853) Anyone who isn’t us is our enemy.

Duro and Agron are separated at the auction block. Duro is sent to Batiatus’s ludus, where Auctus, a disillusioned veteran, does his best to keep him alive without admitting that he wants to keep him alive. Agron is sent to Picintia, where his only ally is his master’s submissive body slave, Tiberius
fandom:spartacus  pairing:agron/nasir  Wordcount:50k-100k  Rating:R  author:gaygreekgladiator  Genre:AU  Genre:ActionAdventure 
november 2014 by sleepy_orange

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pairing:stiles/jackson  pairing:tony/bruce  pairing:tony/pepper  rated:nc-17  rated:pg-13  rated:r  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:r  relationship:first-time  setting:dystopia  setting:future!fic  sherlock:bbc  startrek:reboot  status:possiblefutureupdates  status:ral  status:updating  status:wfr  status:wip  theme:abduction!fic  theme:agedifference  theme:alpha/beta/omegadynamics  theme:amnesia!fic  theme:artificialintelligence!fic  theme:backhome!fic  theme:behindthescenes!fic  theme:bond!fic  theme:canonrecreation!fic  theme:career!fic  theme:charade!fic  theme:college!fic  theme:conspiracy!fic  theme:creature!fic  theme:elf!fic  theme:fakelovers!fic  theme:fantasy!fic  theme:fixed!fic  theme:fusion!fic  theme:futuristic!au  theme:genderswitch!fic  theme:historical!fic  theme:justsex!fic  theme:kid!fic  theme:kidnapped!fic  theme:life!fic  theme:livingtogether!fic  theme:long-termcrush!fic  theme:mindcontrol!fic  theme:mob!fic  theme:notdead!fic  theme:office!fic  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