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Courts, Crowns, and A Little Game of Chess by waywardwriter
In an attempt to diffuse the rising tensions between Akielos and Vere, Prince Auguste invites a group of Akielon ambassadors to the Veretian court. He expects many things to come out of this visit: trade agreements, festivities and celebrations, and perhaps the emergence of better diplomatic relations between the two nations. What he did not expect, however, was for his younger brother to take an interest in the Crowned Prince of Akielos.

AKA: The fic where Laurent is a reserved, bookish, hero-worshipping boy who meets Prince Damianos for the first time. 55k words
romantic ,beautifully written little thing.
Fandom:CaptivePrince  Pairing:Damen/Laurent  Genre:Parallel!verse  Rating:PG  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  -romance 
4 weeks ago by rie_chan
The Verge of Tomorrow by furiosity
Six months after a certain snowy December evening, Munakata Reisi gets some interesting news. You could even call it life-changing news, but that might be a bit dramatic. 54k words
didn't actually watch K but the art snagged my attention so here we are. excellent fic. giant spoiler warning if you haven't watched the anime. fix it for the last episode, apparently. tons of angst and pining buy ultimately a happy ending .
Fandom:K  Pairing:MunakataReishi/SuohMikoto  Rating:PG  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Genre:EWE  -romance  -angst  -pining  -happyend 
july 2019 by rie_chan
Tale As Old As Time by BrienneofThrace
An AU inspired by Beauty and the Beast, where Jaime is the crippled and bitter Lord of Casterly Rock, wallowing in his own misery, until a stubborn and homely girl from Tarth shows up, demanding he release her captive father.

When Brienne agrees to be a hostage of the Rock to ensure Selwyn's loyalty, she changes Jaime's life in ways he never could have imagined. 56k words
Rather excellent beauty and the beast AU. With less cursing and magic, and more romance in general. Happy sigh.
Fandom:GOT  Pairing:JaimeLannister/BrienneofTarth  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Rating:PG  Genre:AU  -romance  -pining 
may 2019 by rie_chan
First Impressions by manic_intent
You could say that I first got a Clue that my governor maybe, kind of, had a sort of Thing for me when Molly started methodically oversalting all my food and drink. Including the hot cocoas. 55k words

It's manic intent. Nuff said. Great world building and the romance was really sweet. Lovely!
Fandom:RiversOfLondon  Pairing:Nightingale/Grant  Genre:Canon  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Rating:PG  -romance  -adventure  -mystery  -slowburn 
december 2018 by rie_chan
Chocolate and Pastry by agentmoppet, anemonen
When Pansy bets Draco that there is no chance he and Harry could carry out a genuine romantic relationship, he and Harry form a plan. But as their fake relationship progresses, Draco sees a side of Harry he never expected. Harry is struggling with something, pushing it far down inside him where he doesn't have to acknowledge its existence. Draco starts to worry, and then he starts to care, and then... horribly... he starts to fall in love. 50k words.
A more nuanced take on the fake relationship trope, with a good treatment of trauma and mental illness. Slow burn.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Pairing:Harry/Draco  Genre:EWE  Rating:PG/M  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  -romance  -angst 
november 2018 by rie_chan
A Sure Thing by catie56 (catharsis)
A modern re-telling of the classic story. 51k words.
A really sweet and beautifully written modern AU! No Jane/bingley.
Fandom:PrideandPrejudice  Genre:AU  Rating:PG  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  -romance  -drama  Pairing:Liszy/Darcy 
may 2018 by rie_chan
Golden Age by zeitgeistic (faire_weather)
The Celtic druids once made a decision that kept magic in abundance in Britannia, but they couldn’t account for the technological advances Muggles would make centuries later. Now magic is dying on the isles, and this is not a dark lord that Harry can fight. OR: Harry Potter doesn’t save the world this time, but he does get a lot of hugs. 52k words
The fic where everyone is a Hufflepuff. This made me start really liking Hufflepuff as a house. Great magical theory. EWE 8th year fic. Slow burn. Lovely.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Pairing:Harry/Draco  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Genre:EWE  Rating:PG  -romance  -slowburn  *fave 
march 2018 by rie_chan
I Understood that Reference by RedBlazer
Polite, doesn’t know how to use a computer, tucks his shirt into his pants, and has exquisite hygiene. Bucky doesn’t know where this guy came from, but it sure as hell wasn’t Brooklyn. 50k words
Sweet parallel verse where Bucky is a librarian who meets Captain America. At the library.
Fandom:Avengers  Pairing:Steve/Bucky  Genre:AU  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Rating:PG  -romance  -humour 
december 2017 by rie_chan
Alone, Until I Get Home by emmbrancsxx0
During a trip to Forest Sauvage, Merlin learns of a plot to overthrow Arthur and bring war to the five kingdoms; and Arthur learns that Merlin has magic. 57k words
Lots of angst and pining and boys being stupid, but ultimately happy ending. Canon ish.
Fandom:Merlin  Pairing:Arthur/Merlin  Genre:Canon  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Rating:PG  -angst  -happyend 
december 2017 by rie_chan
Appearances by asocialconstruct
AU futurefic set after the presumable end of the series and after the war. Cain and Abel are discharged, Abel goes home to Earth, Cain goes home to the colonies. Cain shows up on Abel's doorstep after a while and feelings ensue. 50k words
Post Starfighter Comic future AU. Excellent characterization and very skillful handling of all the angst and feels. Lovely read while waiting for the rest of the comic.
P.s. she writes excellent plotty smut too!
Fandom:Starfighter  Pairing:Cain/Abel  Length:Series  Wordcount:50K+  Genre:Canon  Rating:R  -romance  -angst  -hurt_comfort  -happyend  _lookforsequel 
october 2017 by rie_chan
A Grand Prix by GraphiteFox
Harry Hart is the enigmatic and wealthy head of the Kingsman Group, a financial behemoth with long-reaching arms. Logan Davis is a former F1 driver turned casual mechanic, known to most as Merlin, a nickname from his racing days. It takes Harry about 10 seconds to realize that he wants to know everything about Merlin, but Merlin’s lived the fame and fortune life already and isn’t easily courted. Fortunately for Harry, he’s got two dedicated life advisers to keep him from putting his foot in his mouth too much. AKA: Everyone is a hopeless nerd and I wanted an excuse to make Harry the awkward one this time. 56k words.

Sigh. Great AU. Her romances between the side characters were well done too. Esp Percy and James *hearts*
Fandom:Kingsman  Pairing:Galahad/Merlin  Genre:AU  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  -adventure  -romance 
september 2017 by rie_chan
Check/Mate series by i_claudia
The first encounter Arthur had with Merlin Emrys was entirely unexpected. 56k words.
Beautifully written regency AU where homosexuality is still illegal. With Lord!Arthur and Navy Commander!Merlin. So much pining and angst and good ol Victorian smut. Definitely a keeper.
Fandom:Merlin  Pairing:Arthur/Merlin  Rating:PG/M  Genre:AU  Length:Series  Wordcount:50K+  -angst  -pining  -smut  -romance  *fave 
september 2017 by rie_chan
Future Legend
Post-apocalyptic futurefic. The late summer sun is high over the base today, hot and intense. Kris tilts his face up and closes his eyes, pretending the hunters got fresh meat today, and that there are rain clouds on the horizon that'll sift cool, clear water down on all their sweaty heads. Everybody has their happy place these days, but Kris tries to make his attainable. There's no point in wishing the last five years never happened, because they did.
kris/adam  post-apocalyptic  amazing  wordcount:50K+ 
august 2017 by kayceecruz
Dew Point by kianspo
Arthur Pendragon is as popular and successful as a sixth former can be. He hasn’t quite figured out his future yet, but it’s going to be brilliant, he’s certain. At least until some daring stranger on a cool motorcycle topples his world upside down on the first day of school. Modern magical AU.
Fandom:Merlin  Pairing:Arthur/Merlin  Genre:AU  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  -romance  -happyend 
june 2017 by rie_chan
Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
A bit of a slow burn but rather hilarious and a great read.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Pairing:Harry/Draco  Length:Chaptered  Wordcount:50K+  Genre:EWE  -romance  -humour  -pining  -mystery 
june 2017 by rie_chan
Antimony by jibrailis
Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love.
Fandom:Inception  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Genre:Canon  Length:Oneshot  Wordcount:50K+  -romance  -slowburn 
june 2017 by rie_chan
Basic Instincts by manic_intent
“Who are you?” Graves demanded hoarsely.

“I’m Newt. Scamander. Err. Pleased to meet you. I mean, I would’ve been pleased to meet you, under normal circumstances.”

“Scamander.” Graves frowned to himself. For someone who was supposedly in a bad rut, he seemed perfectly in control. “Your accent, it’s British. Any relation to Theseus Scamander? Head of the DMLE?”

“I’m his younger brother.”

“Are you an Auror?”

“No. I’m a magizoologist.”

Graves exhaled, exasperated. “A what? Is this a rescue or are you a hostage?”

“Sort of neither,” Newt admitted.
Another manic_intent (TM) A/B/O fic. What's not to like?! Features BAMF!Newt.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Pairing:NewtScamander/PercivalGraves  Wordcount:50K+  Genre:AU  Length:Chaptered  -ABO  -action 
june 2017 by rie_chan

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