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D: by leupagus, rageprufrock
"Oh my God, this shit has developed a narrative thread," Chris marvels.
st:reboot_rps  chrispine/zachary  leupagus  rageprufrock  humour  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
1 hour ago by tittakv
Vegas PWP by sweptawaybayou
Inspired by spending the weekend in Las Vegas at WriterCon surrounded by so many lovely, talented, friendly people. And a hotel with issues. Serious Issues.
cwrps  chris/david  sweptawaybayou  pwp  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
8 days ago by tittakv
Want For More by Nestra
Sequel to my story "Reflection". Let's just say that Lindsey's in more trouble...
ats  angel/lindsey  nestra  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
8 days ago by tittakv
Nobel Deeds by lavvyan
"McKay." Sheppard gives him a short nod, like it hasn't been months since they last saw each other. Like Sheppard didn't tell him to go to hell.
sga  john/rodney  lavvyan  earth  wordcount:5.000-9.999  angst 
9 days ago by tittakv
Alpha and Beta by sarahyellow
As Headship to their marriage, it's Steve's responsibility to keep both his spouses in line. Like usual, though, it's Bucky who's in trouble.

Oh, and Steve's hit rut.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  sarahyellow  alpha/beta/omega  spanking  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
15 days ago by tittakv
Beta and Omega by sarahyellow
Darcy's hit her heat—her first since giving birth four months ago—and holed herself up in her selected nesting closet. Since their alpha and headship is currently stuck in the Senate weathering a lengthy filibuster, it’s fallen to Bucky to take care of her needs.
avengers_au  darcylewis/buckybarnes  sarahyellow  alpha/beta/omega  pwp  sextoys  steampunk  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
15 days ago by tittakv
in case I stand one little chance by biblionerd07
After meeting Bucky through the college ride board, Steve is over the moon about their first date. Now he just has to work through his self doubt to get there.

Sequel to "whose arms will hold you".
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  biblionerd07  samwilson  wordcount:5.000-9.999  college 
10 weeks ago by tittakv
Long-Term Assets by Brenda
"So..." Steve said, warming to the idea, "I can be...let's say, Roger, and you can be, I dunno, Jim, and..."

He trailed off as Bucky grinned – not his usual grin, but something different. Darker. Dangerous. "And you're here to drink away your sorrows and I'm just a stranger with a willing ear," Bucky finished. His stare was pointed, the intensity of it burning a hole right through Steve's chest. Not remotely Bucky's normal look – there was no teasing tilt to his lips, no laughing gaze filled with warmth and affection – but it didn't seem to matter to Steve's body. He was practically light-heated with want.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  azewewish  wordcount:5.000-9.999  lingerie  bdsm  auction_verse 
september 2019 by tittakv
Thin Ice by tabaqui
They're good, but they're not perfect. Hydra still lurks, and even the best armor can have a chink....
avengers  steverogers  buckybarnes  tabaqui  post-ca:tws  team  ptsd  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
august 2019 by tittakv
The Man Who Sold The World by Brenda
Modern AU where Bruce Wayne is a very high-class escort/companion, and is under contract to Crown Prince Arthur Curry for the month.
dcu_au  arthurcurry/brucewayne  azewewish  wordcount:5.000-9.999  hookerfic 
august 2019 by tittakv
In which Doyle loses ten quid by ODG
A case leads to Doyle being reunited with someone from his past. Bodie is very unhappy with this development.
professionals  williambodie/raydoyle  odg  preslash  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
july 2019 by tittakv
Ready to Go by musette22
In hindsight, Chris can see the error in not pausing after knocking on Seb’s bedroom door and just barging in without waiting for permission to come in. Rookie mistake. As it is, he raps his knuckles on the wood three times, then pushes down the handle and swings open the door with a “Seb, are you ready to go?”
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  musette22  first-time  sextoys  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
july 2019 by tittakv
A Crook in the Path by Slantedlight (BySlantedlight)
A sequel to Perfect Alignment - in the course of a mission, the lads come across an old acquaintance...
professionals  williambodie/raydoyle  slantedlight  wordcount:5.000-9.999 
july 2019 by tittakv
I said you’re holding back, she said shut up and dance with me by suzukiblu
“One alpha mating two omegas? Really, Steve?” Peggy asks, mouth quirking wryly. “What would the newsreels say?”

“We’ll go to France,” Steve says. “No one will care in France.”

“I do love France,” she muses.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes/peggycarter  suzukiblu  alpha/beta/omega  injury  wordcount:5.000-9.999  natasharomanov 
july 2019 by tittakv

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