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It Had to be You by AustinB
"Heya sailor."

By the grace of god Steve comes up with an immediate reply. "Marine, actually."

James huffs. Steve's not quite sure what to make of that, but then he leans his elbow on the bar next to Steve, so close that Steve can smell his cologne and see the flecks of blue in his grey eyes.

"Buy me a drink?"
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  austinb  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
yesterday by tittakv
The Ice Will Melt by AustinB
“I’m sorry, Buck,” Steve says to his back. “I shouldn’t have—“ when Bucky turns around, it feels like all the air is sucked out of the room. His eyes are dark with anger and desire. “—sprung it on you like that,” Steve finishes in a whisper.

(Steve comes out to the team. Bucky doesn't take it all that well. At first.)
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  austinb  first-time  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
2 days ago by tittakv
Star Spangled Man by AustinB
Bucky’s standing there alone, smoking a cigarette when he sees that dancing monkey walk by.

Captain America’s show really was terrible; childish. The only good thing about it was the girls, and how great the guy’s ass looked in those blue tights.

But now he’s changed out of that ridiculous red white and blue suit and into his army greens. With his hands in his pockets, eyes trained straight down at his feet, he looks rather lonely, and indescribably sad.

So Bucky calls out, “Hey, Captain America.”
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  austinb  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
2 days ago by tittakv
Feelings are Tough: the Bucky Barnes Story by notlucy
You can't always get what you want. But if you try communicating with your partner sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

(Or: Bucky gets the spanking he's been waiting on for seventy-some odd years.)
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes/peggycarter  steverogers/buckybarnes  notlucy  bdsm  spanking  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
11 days ago by tittakv
Fetch by notlucy
Steve's not one hundred percent sure he can give Bucky what he needs. Bucky decides he can annoy Steve into enjoying himself. So, the usual.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  notlucy  puppy_play  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
11 days ago by tittakv
night flowers colored like your eyes by luninosity
The afterparty’s going to be big; the noise already cascades and crashes from hotel walls. Stupendous premiere. Exultant. Everybody high on adrenaline and afterglow. Incisive successful social commentary, a playwright’s words right up next to an audience, and Chris blushing while taking a bow.

Sebastian had cheered—probably too loudly—and maybe it’d been his imagination that Chris had looked his way, had blushed more, had shaped his name with those lips, too quietly to hear.
mcu_rpf  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
13 days ago by tittakv
Home Truth by LtLJ
A vignette set after the episode Epiphany. A follow-up to Abandonment Issues.
sga  gen  ltlj  episode_tag  angst  wordcount:2.000-4.999  h/c 
17 days ago by tittakv
Joyride by LtLJ
But if his first time to fly a jumper had been like coming home, the little ship wrapping around him like a friend, then the first time in an F-302 was like sex with a beautiful stranger. Set in season two, between The Siege III and Intruder. Written for the SG_Flyboys challenge.
sga  john/cameron  ltlj  earth  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
17 days ago by tittakv
Inescapable by LtLJ
Lorne's team, with the help of some Athosian traders, rescue Atlantis from Lucius Lavin. But they can't find John anywhere. This is an AU, an alternate ending to episode 3.3, Irresistible.
sga  gen  atlantis_au  ltlj  episode_related  angst  h/c  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
18 days ago by tittakv
More than a Mouthful by notlucy
Bucky doesn’t do well when Steve’s gone. Luckily, Steve has a few tricks up his sleeve to make his homecoming memorable.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  notlucy  bdsm  post-ca:tws  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
20 days ago by tittakv
The Focal Point by notlucy
All Steve has to do is remember his training. To do what Bucky says. To behave himself for once.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  notlucy  bdsm  exhibitionism  humiliation  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
20 days ago by tittakv
Give Me Mercy No More by AustinB
"Sorry about..."

"Don't worry about it," Steve interrupts, because if he has to listen to Bucky apologize for kissing him, for holding him like he actually needed him for once, for giving him jerk-off material for the rest of his life, he might actually scream.

"And," Bucky rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "Thanks."

Steve shrugs. He's been practicing this part. A casual smile, a friendly tone. "Hey, what're friends for, right?"

Bucky's smile is tight around his mouth and eyes. "Right."
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  austinb  alpha/beta/omega  wordcount:2.000-4.999  cluelessguys 
20 days ago by tittakv
Brooklyn's on Fire by notlucy
Steve's turning thirty-seven and he really only wants one thing for his birthday.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  notlucy  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
21 days ago by tittakv
Handful by sharkie335
He was going to work himself into a fit if he couldn't find a way to calm down. Thankfully, he knew a way.
sga  john/rodney  wolfshark  bdsm  fisting  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
21 days ago by tittakv
Thoughtful by sharkie335
Realizing that he was already in deep, he took a deep breath and figured he was screwed anyway; he might as well go all the way.
sga  john/rodney  wolfshark  bdsm  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
23 days ago by tittakv
Complete Our Being by sharkie335
"I - I want to not think for a while. Just for a little while."
sga  john/rodney  wolfshark  bdsm  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
23 days ago by tittakv
Everything Old is New Again by sharkie335
"There's something, John," he says. "You know that I'm going to keep going until you give in."
sga  john/rodney  wolfshark  bdsm  impactplay  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
25 days ago by tittakv
the sound of rain on tin by luninosity
Okay, Bucky thought. He could deal with sudden universe-hopping. He’d seen weirder things. Hell, he himself probably counted as a weirder thing, brainwashed cryogenically frozen former legendary assassin and all.

Chris, who looked like Steve, but who wasn't Steve, stared at him some more.
avengers_au  mcu_rpf_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  chrisevans/sebastianstan  luninosity  crossover  angst  h/c  wip  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
27 days ago by tittakv
open plan by yasgorl
“This is where you ask what a guy like me is doing in a place like this,” Bucky says, dryly.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  yasgorl  pwp  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
27 days ago by tittakv

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