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the bellwether, highoctane
Patrick figures it's a little late in his life for these kinds of realizations.

Brian, though, has a way of making him want things he'd never thought possible.
rpf:polygon  a:highoctane  pairing:gilbert/gill  wordcount:1-5k  rating:pg-13 
april 2019 by arzoensis
we were miles away; addandsubtract
“Hey,” Brooks says, as he rolls down the passenger side window. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Andre rolls his eyes, but he hasn’t succeeded in curbing his grin. “Shut up,” he says. “Hi.”
a:addandsubtract  rpf:hockey  pairing:burakovsky/laich  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  add:sugardaddy  add:panties  add:agedifference  *♥ 
february 2018 by arzoensis
[Overwatch] Words (Spaces Between Us)
Duty is a thorn, caught fast in Hanzo's throat.

It's half past one and he's still awake, pacing the wooden floor of the huge, empty shrine—the clawed tips of his shoes click against the wooden slats, tap tap tap like a clock, counting down the minutes until his reckoning. His sword--the mighty Stormblade--is a solid presence upon his back, heavy with the generations of clan leaders that have held it before him, with promise and responsibility; it's a burden of a blade, always has been, but never more so than now.

It's the weapon with which he will enforce his ultimatum.
fandom:overwatch  rating:mature  category:gen  wordcount:1-5k  author:bonebo 
april 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] The Best Medicine
Hanzo and Jesse, a successful mission, a night alone together. Bad jokes and lots of laughter.
fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/mccree  rating:explicit  wordcount:1-5k  category:m/m  author:fishpoets 
april 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] Facing West
Hanzo and Jesse are older, wiser(?), and on a recovery mission in northern Norway. It's late October and the sun rarely rises. Days of darkness trigger old habits in the archer, but he has gotten better at coping.
fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/mccree  rating:mature  wordcount:1-5k  category:m/m  author:motorghost 
april 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] Goals AF
Just a day in the life of Hanzo and McCree, along with an idea supplied by Symmetra.

Nothing really happens, but there's a Portal reference...?
rating:teen  wordcount:1-5k  category:m/m  pairing:hanzo/mccree  author:claroquequiza  fandom:overwatch 
march 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] And Then the Dragons
No one ever told you that grief was a headache. No one told you that regret is a small slice of nasty that sits behind your thoughts and pulses with your heartbeat.

If you'd known that, you might not have done it.

(That's a lie.)
fandom:overwatch  rating:teen  wordcount:1-5k  category:gen  author:midnightluck 
march 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] The First Moment
Every conversation is an argument. Genji is ready to let Hanzo go. Zenyatta knows exactly what Hanzo is trying to do.
fandom:overwatch  rating:teen  category:gen  wordcount:1-5k  author:claroquequiza 
march 2017 by motetus
[The Witcher] Onward And Onward Without End
The curse is lifted-and so, Olgierd finally feels. His conscience takes advantage of it.
rating:general  category:gen  fandom:the.witcher  wordcount:1-5k  author:filigranka 
february 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] Tempest
Hanzo has been having a rough time of his Overwatch stay so far. Jesse McCree helps him get over it with some ego stroking.

And stroking of other parts.
rating:explicit  category:m/m  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/mccree  wordcount:1-5k  author:bool_ji 
january 2017 by motetus
[Overwatch] Renewal
Hanzo Shimada has been a member of Overwatch for less than a day when he is shot in the head and killed instantly.

He gets better.
fandom:overwatch  rating:mature  category:m/m  pairing:hanzo/mccree  wordcount:1-5k  author:bool_ji 
january 2017 by motetus

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