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Alpha Centauri by Hth
Alpha Centauri is a trinary star system composed of a primary pair of yellow dwarfs (Alpha Centauri A and B) gravitationally bound to an outlying red dwarf (Proxima Centauri). This is exactly like that.
sga  john/rodney/ronon  hth  wordcount:>100.000  angst  ptsd 
february 2019 by tittakv
Character Bleed by luninosity
“I cannot work with Colby Kent,” Jason hissed into his phone. “I will seriously end up murdering someone. Probably Colby Kent.”
original_fic  omc/omc  luninosity  wip  cluelessguys  h/c  bdsm  wordcount:>100.000 
september 2018 by tittakv
After Hours by chasethewind
There was a time when IT specialist Felicity Smoak's life wasn't complicated. She had a decent paying job at Queen Consolidated and a small apartment in Starling City that she loved. But the crushing debts of her student loans from MIT had put her in some rather compromising positions outside the office, earning money doing things only a girl from Vegas would dare to do. A chance encounter with none other than Queen Consolidated's new CEO quickly changes her life and turns it upside down.
arrow_au  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak/saralance  chasethewind  bdsm  voyeurism  spanking  ptsd  impactplay  pegging  injury  noncon  wordcount:>100.000  to_read  hookerfic 
october 2017 by tittakv
The Scottish Boy by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves), maichan
The year is 1333. The English are at war with Scotland. 19-year-old West Country knight Sir Steven excels at jousting, but yearns to prove himself in real action. So he jumps when his sponsor, Baron Alexander Pierce, invites him on a secret mission with a dozen elite knights. They ride north to a crumbling Scottish keep, capturing the feral, half-starved boy within and putting the other inhabitants to the sword. And nobody knows, or nobody is saying, why the flower of English knighthood snuck over the border to capture a savage, dirty teenage boy. Pierce gives the boy to Steve as his squire, with only two rules: don't let the boy escape, and convert him to the English cause.

At first, it's hopeless. The Scottish boy is surly, violent, hoards sharp objects, and eats anything that isn't nailed down. Then Steve begins to notice things: that, as well as Gaelic, the boy speaks flawless French, far better than Steve's own. That he can read it – Latin, too. That he isn't small so much as desperately under-fed. That when Steve finally convinces the boy – James Buchanan, Bucky – to cut his filthy, matted curtain of hair, the face revealed is the most beautiful thing Steve has ever seen.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  bettenoire  bigbang  wordcount:>100.000  to_read  angst  first-time 
august 2017 by tittakv
Tripwires by mandarou
Bucky thought getting that damn mess out of his head would make life so much easier. Jesus Christ, how wrong can a guy get? If being the Fist of Hydra for 70 years won't get Steve Rogers out of his heart, how the hell is Bucky supposed to do it by himself?
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  steverogers/buckybarnes/tonystark  buckybarnes/tonystark  steverogers/tonystark  mandarou  post-ca:cw  rimming  angst  wordcount:>100.000  clintbarton/buckybarnes 
july 2017 by tittakv
Sixpence In His Shoe by scifigrl47
Steve and Tony should really read the fine print on what they're signing. Then again, some mistakes are not really mistakes.
avengers  steverogers/tonystark  scifigrl47  to_read  wordcount:>100.000 
july 2017 by tittakv
That Is Not A Cow by mandarou
Steve crouched down again, slowly, so he was on the same level as Bucky. “You remember me?” he asked desperately.

Bucky looked down at the portal remote Steve still held, then narrowed his eyes when he met Steve’s. “You let some yahoo experiment on you again, didn’t you? Some mad scientist said, ‘hold my beer,’ and you pushed the button, right?”
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  mandarou  wip  mcu_rpf_au  chrisevans/sebastianstan  samwilson  clintbarton  wordcount:>100.000 
june 2017 by tittakv
Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou
“Sergeant Barnes?”

“Oh, hell no, don’t call him that, man,” Sam warned.

“Captain Fuck Off!” Barnes shouted over him. “Fight me!”

Steve didn’t know whether to laugh or just slink away. He managed to combine the two by pacing two steps and snorting instead. Like a bull.

“I’m gonna need you to calm your ass, Barnes,” Sam said as he went limp again, obstructing Barnes’s struggling under him. “This is so undignified. That is Captain goddamn America.”

“Captain goddamn America!” Barnes repeated, louder. And angrier.

Steve cleared his throat again. “I’ve been looking for you,” he told Barnes.

“I hope you brought lube this time!” Barnes shouted.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  mandarou  wordcount:>100.000 
june 2017 by tittakv
Patriotic Vice by superheroresin
Six months, utterly wasted.

Six months re-tasking surveillance satellites, deploying harried field agents, combing through terabytes of intelligence data, and carefully maneuvering Director Hill’s hawkish tactics while hunting down Washington D.C.’s most dangerous assassin.

Six months, and CIA analyst Steve Rogers finally arrests the Winter Soldier. A highly paid, highly confused... male escort.

Well, shit.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  buckybarnes/brockrumlow  buckybarnes/alexanderpierce  superheroresin  bigbang  hookerfic  noncon  wordcount:>100.000  to_read 
may 2017 by tittakv
Sona by serafina20
Hell on earth is found at La Penitenciaría Federal de Sona, and Michael Scofield and Alexander Mahone are trapped.

*** writing issues and the "plot" and the characters' actions make no sense.
prisonbreak  michaelscofield/alexmahone  michaelscofield/omc  serafina20  sona  wordcount:>100.000 
may 2017 by tittakv
These Are My Hands, This Is The World by stellahibernis
Bucky goes into ice, and Steve is left to deal with it while trying to find a new purpose in a world where everything seems to be up in the air. First things first; get his friends free again, and proceed from there.

Bucky goes into ice, knowing that when he wakes up everything will be different. It will have been only a blink for him, but for others it will have been months, maybe even years. Still, there is a truth he knows; you have to save yourself. Others can help, but ultimately you have to be the one to do it.

He also knows that sometimes what you need to do to save yourself is incompatible with someone else’s needs or wants. Incompatible with their happiness.

Steve can’t help but think they keep finding each other only to lose each other only to find each other only to lose each other again, all the while circling around what exactly they mean to each other, never quite looking straight at it.

There is another truth that Steve knows; he can’t take it any longer. The cycle must be stopped.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  stellahibernis  post-ca:cw  wordcount:>100.000  samwilson  natasharomanov 
february 2017 by tittakv
Keep It Professional by mogirl97
When Felicity's parents announce that they're hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she's going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter... something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it's just another job, but he has no idea what he's about to get himself into.
arrow_au  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  mogirl97  high_school  college  bodyguard!Oliver  wordcount:>100.000 
january 2017 by tittakv
Try to Pacify this Hungering (while I deny your effects on me) by shaenie
The SHIELD D/s World AU that the world probably doesn't need, but that I wrote anyway. Things don't start out easy between Coulson and Clint Barton when Coulson attempts to recruit Barton to join SHIELD, but things eventually do start to settle between them, even as SHIELD tries to figure out what has been happening to all the submissives that have been disappearing from western countries.
avengers_au  clintbarton/philcoulson  shaenie  bdsm  noncon  wordcount:>100.000 
january 2017 by tittakv
What I Used To Be by thepinupchemist
When the police uncover a hidden sub-basement in the home of criminal Alexander Pierce and find a tortured omega and his three pups, they bring them to the Stark Omega Clinic, a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating traumatized omegas.

After dark in September 2005, fourteen year old Bucky Barnes vanished. Eleven years and three pups later, he is far from the boy that went missing from a suburban neighborhood outside of Denver.

Steve Rogers is an alpha of some means. When he came into money, he decided to use what he had for good and sign up as a candidate to be a support alpha for his close friend Tony's charitable clinic. When he takes on the task of helping reintegrate Bucky and his pups into the world, he doesn't expect to fall so hard.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  thepinupchemist  alpha/beta/omega  mpreg  kidfic  h/c  wordcount:>100.000  ptsd  noncon 
november 2016 by tittakv
Link Marks by shaenie
When the first mark manifests, sitting right on the topmost rib on his left side, an elegant black, peach, and purple swirl of color that is just an abstract and intricate melange of color and shape, he’s already twenty-three, and in the Rangers, good at his job, the best, and completely at a loss as to what it means. There are no drunken shenanigans in the previous six months to explain it, and besides that, it doesn’t really look like a tattoo. He isn’t sure what it looks like, exactly. It’s abstract, no pattern or symbol to it. He tries to wash it off, half-thinking it’s some kind of joke, but it doesn’t wash and it doesn’t eventually wear off. And he’s certain there is some meaning to it, a feeling he can’t explain to himself, and which he never mentions to anyone else, which, if he had really thought it was some sort of practical joke one of the other guys had pulled on him, he surely would have. He has no idea why, but the urge to keep it to himself is strong.
leverage_au  alec/eliot/parker  shaenie  bdsm  vampires  wip  pegging  sophie/nate  eliot/omc  bodymod  piercings  wordcount:>100.000 
june 2016 by tittakv
Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) by spitandvinegar
It's six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don't. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It's very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  spitandvinegar  ptsd  wordcount:>100.000  kidfic  team  post-ca:tws  reread 
january 2016 by tittakv
The Ghosts Of Who I Used To Be by Brenda
Steve thought once he found Bucky again, the hard part would be over. But the real journey back to each other was only just beginning. They each had a path to take - a path of redemption and self-discovery. A path of change, and learning that it's not really about starting over; it's about moving on.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  azewewish  samwilson  post-ca:tws  natasharomanov  thor  wordcount:>100.000 
january 2016 by tittakv
just say you do by biblionerd07
Steve just wanted a job. He wasn't expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn't expecting to accept.
avengers_au  steverogers/buckybarnes  biblionerd07  arranged_marriage  ptsd  wordcount:>100.000  illness  angst  h/c 
december 2015 by tittakv

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