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Sidewalk Labs is building a smart city entirely of mass timber. What could go wrong? - Smart Cities Dive
North America is on the cusp of a mass timber revolution, and Sidewalk Labs' Waterfront Toronto project is leading the way. But the smart material faces major obstacles.
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Ikea is closing its only U.S. factory - FastCompany
That implies that it’s more expensive to make furniture in the United States than it is to make it in Europe and then pay to ship it across the Atlantic. Ikea says that the cost of raw materials in the United States is too high to justify the plant, when the same products can be made in Europe for a fraction of the price.
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Arkansas’ Thriving Timber Basket - Area Development
With its healthy forests, modern transportation infrastructure, and an available trained workforce, Arkansas’ timber industry has recently enjoyed a resurgence.
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Made in America Strategies in Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
The long lead time required to ship toys to the United States—coupled with high demand only three months out of the year—was becoming a strain on the business.
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Forestry Resources Attract Food and Beverage Businesses to Kentucky - Area Development
Wood products made from Kentucky’s forestry resources — from ice cream and coffee stir sticks to bourbon barrels — are utilized by food and beverage producers.
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LeMoyen Mill & Timber To Open Wood Products Manufacturing Facility In LeMoyen, Louisiana - Area Development
LeMoyen Mill & Timber LLC will acquire and invest an additional $2 million to develop a wood products manufacturing facility in LeMoyen, Louisiana. The mill site is located near U.S. 71 in northern St. Landry Parish, with access to the Union Pacific Railroad line.
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Stikwood Plans Kentwood, Michigan, Manufacturing Facility - Area Development
California-based Stikwood, producer of the world’s first “Peel & Stik” reclaimed and sustainable wood planking, plans to expand establish a manufacturing center in Kentwood, Michigan.
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Carolina Chips, Inc. Establishes Manufacturing Plant In Orangeburg, South Carolina - Area Development
Carolina Chips, Inc., a leader in wood processing and subsidiary of The Price Companies, Inc., is investing more than $32 million to establish manufacturing center in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.
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Conner Industries Expands Operations To Hastings, Nebraska - Area Development
Conner Industries, Inc., a leading national lumber processor and integrated provider of packaging solutions, expanded its production to Hastings, Nebraska. The company has acquired Golden Triangle Inc.’s packaging division.
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Austria-Based Kronospan Plans $362 Million Expansion Of Calhoun County, Alabama Plant - Area Development
Austria-based Kronospan, a leading manufacturer of wood-based panel products, will invest $362 million to expand its production plant in Calhoun County, Alabama. The company plans on adding 160 associates to its workforce.
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Caddo River Forest Products To Open Glenwood, Arkansas Sawmill - Area Development
Caddo River Forest Products will invest up to $50 million to reopen its sawmill in Glenwood, Arkansas. The company plans to create 136 new jobs.
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Louisiana-Pacific Begins Process To Build Wood Siding Plant In Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota - Area Development
Louisiana-Pacific, a publicly traded global leader in engineered wood building products, received approval and incentives from the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board to build a $440 million wood siding plant on 900-acres at the Laskin Energy Park in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.
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Gregory Lumber Invests $3 Million To Expand Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Sawmill - Area Development
Gregory Lumber, Inc. will expand its sawmill operations in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The company will invest $3 million in construction and equipment needed to add an automated lumber sorting system that will increase production by 50 percent.
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Legend Lumber Plans Hardwood Yard In Boston, Kentucky - Area Development
Hardwoods supplier Legend Lumber Lee Corp. plans to open in a shuttered hardwood lumber concentration yard in Boston, Kentucky. The company will invest nearly $3.5 million and creating at least 30 full-time positions to produce hardwood for export to Asia.
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GreenTree Forest Products Inc. Invests $2.2 Million To Upgrade Fleming County, Kentucky, Manufacturing Complex - Area Development
GreenTree Forest Products Inc., an Appalachian hardwoods producer in Wallingford, will invest $2.2 million investment for equipment upgrades at its manufacturing complex in Fleming County, Kentucky.
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Swiss Krono Group Plans $230 Million Manufacturing Plant Expansion In Barnwell, South Carolina - Area Development
Swiss Krono Group, one of the world’s leading producers of engineered wood products, and its American subsidiary, KronotexUSA Holdings, Inc., will invest $230 million to build a high-density fiberboard mill and expand its laminate flooring production plant in Barnwell County, South Carolina. The company expects to create 105 new jobs over the next few years.
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Boise Cascade Company Expands Its Chester, South Carolina, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Boise Cascade Company, one of the largest producers of plywood and engineered wood products in North America and a leading U.S. wholesale distributor of building products, is expanding its existing operations located at 1445 Lancaster Highway in Chester, South Carolina.
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