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Let the water/river inquiry flow! These Kindi students are budding engineers.
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4 weeks ago by tjweir
SERIOUS SEX BATTLE - Artforum International
Beyoncé went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw, at an exhibit called “Superheroes,” a costume worn by Lynda Carter for the purposes of being, on television, the first official live-action Wonder Woman. Beyoncé, a Carter herself, was impressed by the tiny waist and the spangliness.
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december 2018 by j-l-r
Tadashi Tokieda Collects Math and Physics Surprises | Quanta Magazine
One very common question that comes up at the end of a lecture is, “Does all this have any practical applications?” It’s really intriguing because this question is asked in almost exactly the same words wherever I go. It’s like listening to a prerecorded message.

I ask them, what do you think constitutes a practical application? It’s very surprising. Roughly speaking, people converge within five to 10 minutes onto two categories of practical applications. One is, if you manage to make several million dollars instantly. The other is, if you manage to kill millions of people instantly. Many people are actually kind of shocked by their own answers.

Then I tell them that, well, I don’t know about other people, but I have a practical application for my toys. When I show my toys to some children, they seem to be happy. If that’s not a practical application, what is?
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december 2018 by chriskrycho
Wonder Woman's Secret Past | The New Yorker
The Wonder Woman Family Museum occupies a one-room bunker beneath a two-story house on a hilly street in Bethel, Connecticut. It contains more than four thousand objects. Their arrangement is higgledy-piggledy.
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october 2018 by j-l-r
How 'Wonder Woman' Ignores Black Women - Black Feminism and Wonder Woman
The release of Wonder Woman marks a significant milestone for representation of women onscreen.
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october 2018 by j-l-r
Wonder-Filled Saints | Word on Fire
Ask for wonder. Cf. the kid and the puddle at the end.
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september 2018 by mpcasey

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