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Mid-career women desert London workforce
73 per cent of women between the ages of 35 and 44 are working either part-time or full-time in London, compared with 92 per cent of men — meaning London has the largest “gender employment gap” for people of childbearing age across all wealthy parts of the EU. 

Factoring in poorer EU regions, with relatively low gross domestic product per capita, London still shows the largest overall employment gap, bar Malta and some Greek and Italian islands.

The Eurostat figures show that while more women under the age of 25 in London are in work than men of the same age, the trend reverses as people begin to have children.

OECD has calculated that England has the highest childcare costs for couples of any economically advanced country, at about 40 per cent of a household’s combined disposable income, on average.
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6 weeks ago by brycecovert
What Most Companies Get Wrong About Men and Woman
meta-analyses show that, on average, the sexes are far more similar in their inclinations, attitudes, and skills than popular opinion would have us believe
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8 weeks ago by brycecovert
Not smart enough? Men overestimate intelligence in science class
men in STEM subject areas overestimate their own intelligence and credentials, underestimate the abilities of female colleagues, and that as a result, women themselves doubt their abilities — even when hard evidence such as grades say otherwise.
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10 weeks ago by brycecovert
Many Governments Take Steps to Improve Women’s Economic Inclusion, Although Legal Barriers Remain Widespread
in 104 economies women are barred from working at night or in certain jobs in many areas
59 do not have laws against sexual harassment in employment
11 weeks ago by brycecovert
Study finds female college graduates newly on the job market are punished for having good grades
women applying for jobs benefited from moderate academic achievement but not high levels of achievement

Of the applications she submitted from equally high-achieving male and female personas, men received calls for further discussion twice as often as did women with equal grades. In science and technology fields, the ratio favored men by three to one.
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11 weeks ago by brycecovert
Women Lose Out to Men Even Before They Graduate College
Women are less likely than men to have careers aligned to their field of study. The jobs many women take typically have lower career earning potential.
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march 2018 by brycecovert
Men and women in economics have different opinions - Sexist whigs
Male economists are more likely than female ones to prefer market solutions to government intervention, are more sceptical of environmental protection, and are (slightly) less keen on redistribution

A similar study of American economists by Ms May and others also found men more sceptical of government regulation, more comfortable with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and more likely to believe that a higher minimum wage would cause unemployment. Women were 14 percentage points less likely to agree that Walmart generates net benefits, and 30 points more likely to agree that American openness to trade should be tied to higher labour standards abroad.

Male economists are relatively likely to think that men and women face equal job opportunities generally, and that pay gaps are largely explained by differences in skills and choice. By contrast, women are more likely to perceive unequal opportunities, both in general and specifically within academia.

Zubin Jelveh of the University of Chicago, Suresh Naidu of Columbia University and Bruce Kogut of Columbia Business School parse the language used in economics papers to identify the authors’ predilections, and confirm that they match their participation in political petitions. They find that right-wing economists tend to produce estimates that fit their anti-interventionist views. Other data crunched by Mr Naidu confirm that women use more left-leaning language than men.
economics  womenworkers  discrimination  diversity 
march 2018 by brycecovert
What the Data Says About Women in Management Between 1980 and 2010
Female managers are concentrated in fields that emphasize people-centered caring skills, while men are concentrated in fields dealing with production-centered skills.

The occupations where female managers were concentrated by 2010 were also those with the largest gender wage gaps.
womenworkers  glassceiling 
february 2018 by brycecovert
Does Integration Change Gender Attitudes? The Effect of Randomly Assigning Women to Traditionally Male Teams | IZA - Institute of Labor Economics
There is a 14 percentage point increase in the fraction of men who think mixed-gender teams perform as well or better than same-gender teams, an 8 percentage point increase in men who think household work should be shared equally and a 14 percentage point increase in men who do not completely disavow feminine traits. Contrary to the predictions of many policymakers, we find no evidence that integrating women into squads hurt male recruits' satisfaction with boot camp or their plans to continue in the military
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february 2018 by brycecovert
Parenthood, Family Friendly Firms, and the Gender Gaps in Early Work Careers
We find that women disproportionately sort into family friendly firms after first birth and that the wage penalty to motherhood is diminished by being assigned to a more family friendly firm or job. We also find that working in a more family friendly firm or job diminishes the parenthood penalty to labor earnings and makes it easier for mothers to work more hours. At the same time, the smaller wage and income penalties to parents from working in family friendly firms and jobs come at the expense of their occupational progression, especially among mothers, impeding their ability to climb career ladders.
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january 2018 by brycecovert
Research: Men Get Credit for Voicing Ideas, but Not Problems. Women Don’t Get Credit for Either
The status bump and leader emergence that resulted from speaking up with ideas only happened for men, not for women.
womenworkers  discrimination 
november 2017 by brycecovert
Raising average labor force participation, average
hours worked, and average labor productivity for women to the levels for men
across advanced economies would, other things being equal, raise OECD GDP by
around 20% and OECD GDP driven by women by almost 50%.
gdp  womenworkers 
november 2017 by brycecovert
Interpreting Signals in the Labor Market: Evidence from Medical Referrals
PCPs also change their behavior toward other female
surgeons after a bad experience with one female surgeon, becoming less likely
to refer to new women in the same specialty. There are no such spillovers to other
men after a bad experience with one male surgeon
medicine  discrimination  womenworkers 
november 2017 by brycecovert
As women speak out on sexual harassment, investors take note
They saw that companies that handled these things well and just generally had cultures that supported women and that had more women in the company, that they were actually doing better financially.
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november 2017 by brycecovert

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