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Giving Birth Made Me Question the Informed Consent Process During Childbirth
Looking at this data, it’s clear that for many markers of maternal morbidity, C-sections come with higher risk than vaginal delivery—but the absolute risks of most of those complications are still quite low for the general population.

It’s also important that expectant mothers understand that when it comes to vaginal deliveries and vaginal-assisted deliveries, “lower” risk doesn’t actually mean without risk. And for certain measures of morbidity, like pelvic floor trauma, vaginal and vaginal-assisted deliveries can actually be riskier than C-sections—and the absolute risks of them can be much higher.

With vaginal deliveries, there is a real possibility not only of vaginal tearing, but pelvic floor problems that can manifest as urinary incontinence, anal sphincter injury and fecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. In some cases, these aren’t noticed right after birth because swelling and other factors can lead to a missed diagnosis or make some injuries truly “occult” (meaning hidden without imaging tools).

The meta-analysis in PLOS Medicine found that vaginal delivery is associated with greater risk of urinary incontinence (14.9% incidence after vaginal delivery, compared to 8.93% incidence after C-section) and pelvic organ prolapse (5.99% for vaginal delivery, compared to 1.81% for C-sections) in the mother. According to ACOG, the risks of tearing and urinary and fecal incontinence are higher with assisted vaginal delivery.

Here is where an extensive understanding of the various risks might come into play. While an unplanned hysterectomy due to complications from a C-section is generally viewed as much worse and more traumatic than urinary incontinence, the number of women who have the former is significantly lower than the number of women walking around with permanent pelvic floor damage. Ask a woman to weigh a 0.07% risk of unplanned hysterectomy to a significantly higher risk of spending the rest of her life peeing a little when she laughs, coughs, sneezes, runs, lifts, and other general life activities, and her answer might not be so obvious.
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Self-care startup Shine raises $5 million Series A | TechCrunch
The company’s free messaging product, Shine Text, was the result of their frustrations with existing products. It tackles a timely theme every day in areas like confidence, productivity, mental health, happiness and more. And it isn’t just some sort of life-affirming text – Shine converses with you on the topic at hand using research-backed materials to help you better understand the information. It’s also presented in a style that makes Shine feel more like a friend chatting with you.

The service has grown to 2 million users across 189 countries, despite not being localized in other languages. 88 percent of users are under the age of 35, and 70 percent are female.
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Why are Females Prone to Mass Hysteria? | Psychology Today
"Many anthropologists believe that mass hysteria and spirit possession in Asia and Africa are culturally appropriate ways of indirectly negotiating problems – a form of subconscious collective bargaining."
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Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler | commentary
"All revolutionary movements attract big personalities who use ideological battles as a stage for their petty resentments."
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