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Isle Royale wolf takes advantage of rare ice bridge, leaves for mainland | MPR News 020619
Mother Nature has thrown another wrench into plans for re-establishing the wolf population on Isle Royale. One of four captured wolves the National Park Service brought to the Lake Superior island last fall has taken advantage of an ice bridge to return to the mainland. That reduces the original quartet to two. The only male in the group, was discovered dead in November.
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11 days ago by fulab
RT : An amazing image from the Voyageurs Wolf Project studying in National Park. Shows how incredibly…
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10 weeks ago by xbryanx
My scribbles about , , and a spot of running at the 70miler.

Currently pu…
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11 weeks ago by jimr
A Forward Takeoff - Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Eric had certainly never expected to be wolf-bonded. [7,717 words]
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november 2018 by cunningplan
This is what happened when were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. This is why native predators l…
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october 2018 by pamneely

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