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Thousand Oaks (CA) RB Zach Charbonnet is now a ; 26th ranked player in the country and should b…
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december 2018 by brokenrhino
FYI : Another -American is following your steps to soccer.

Moshtaba alHasn…
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december 2018 by ejk
Now I'm just imagining some weird amalgamation of...
Steve watches, and his hand slows to a stop–the figure in the road is stocky and broad, with dark hair framing a scowl, and for a second, Steve thinks he might be hallucinating.  

Because, see, it’s been seven decades and Logan never really lived his life like he planned to live a long one.  

And it is Logan, it has to be, even in seventy years two people couldn’t look so much alike.  His face is a little more deeply set into its scowl, and he’s not clean-shaven anymore, but otherwise he looks almost unchanged.  He walks differently than he used to, Steve notices numbly–heavier, almost, like it takes more work and he’s adjusted to it.

The reporter is still talking, Logan is talking, but Steve is caught up in the shock of it and doesn’t hear a word.  That’s Logan, Logan who used to back Steve up when the Commandos were out of commission, who used to complain that Steve looked like a walking bullseye even though that was sort of the point, who pawned his SSR-issue body armor onto Bucky and never picked up another set.  Logan, who one time slammed Steve out of the way and took three rounds to the chest and spat out blood and lead and kept moving like it was nothing more than an annoyance.

Logan, who Steve knows.
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august 2018 by timberwolfoz
This week’s camera trap photo is of the . These solitary, bear-like carnivores are found acr…
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may 2018 by ebuchholtz
🍁👩🏻‍🌾🇨🇦 is proud to bring you their latest Con Exclusive edition Hunt For featuring co…
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april 2018 by jongos
Not sure I am at or level but I just beat my 5k pb by 24s.
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december 2017 by nigeljames

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