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Wokeness Driving Gay Southern Liberal Trumpward | The American Conservative
"In an essay on ‘solidarity,’ Rorty discussed and expanded Nietzsche’s assault on Enlightenment conceptions of reason, with foundations in principles of morality, law and governance to be applied objectively and fairly to each and all. Rorty’s text demolished such an inclusive and hopeful worldview, advising, more or less, that those who think alike should gather in solidarity to create the world what suits them. And so, our ‘public intellectuals’ are doing that. And as the earlier writer described well this cadre of self-righteous solidarity can be objectively wicked if you ask questions that they don’t like; and if you call them out for opposing inclusivity and diversity of points of view, very wicked names may be called."
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19 days ago by mario.d
Social Justice: Our New Civil Religion | The American Conservative
"[T]he important part of religion isn’t the part with gods, prophets, or an afterlife – Buddhism lacks gods, traditional Judaism doesn’t have much of an afterlife, and both get along just fine. It’s about a symbiosis between a society and an ideology."
religion  SJW  culture-wars  woke 
5 weeks ago by mario.d
Meet the anti-woke left - spiked
"Why would we dismiss the majority of people as hopelessly reactionary?"

"Half the time they’re [the woke] smearing them [working class women] as reactionaries because they voted for Trump"

"I fundamentally think they [the woke] are disgusted and horrified by working-class people"

"Real women don’t live up to the liberal-feminist pieties"

On Bret Easton Ellis

"A lot of artists either don’t have any politics or their politics are retarded"


"The whole impulse to peg someone for what they are now is bizarre"
politics  political-correctness  woke  dirtbag  left  liberal  chap-trap-house  amber-a-lee-frost  and  anna-khachiyan 
6 weeks ago by actualitems
Woke Washing: How purpose driven marketing is being ruined | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
I’ve said in this space and on the podcast that marketers flock to whatever is popular until they ruin it. Here is the next thing to be ruined: “purpose.” Fasten your seatbelts. We are entering  a new era of “woke washing.”
woke  washing:  how  purpose 
7 weeks ago by marshallk
diaspora* is the online social world where you are in control.
may 2019 by verwinv
Walter Rauschenbusch - Wikipedia
"Religious bigotry, the combination of graft and political power, the corruption of justice, the mob spirit [being 'the social group gone mad'] and mob action, militarism, and class contempt – every student of history will recognize that these sum up constitutional forces in the Kingdom of Evil."
SocialGospel  religion  woke 
april 2019 by mario.d
How ironic. The theological giants being despised by Christians nowadays actually accomplished a greater leve…
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march 2019 by jerrythepunkrat
Human beings need exercise.

FUCK you! I don’t exercise! I have NEVER exercised and I’m fine! M…
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march 2019 by mrchrisadams
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1101369804903120899
If you followed me because of that nigger diner tweet, be warned that this ain't a account. I talk about dick…
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march 2019 by DocDre

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