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What Happens to "Fire Ernie" Wizards Fans in a Post–Ernie Grunfeld World?
"With a few hours to process the news, Umoh said, 'I feel like I got my basketball team back.' He couldn’t talk immediately after Grunfeld’s departure was announced because he had to pick up his two sons from school, and then he had to blast music at home, and then the three of them had to jump up and down in joy."
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10 days ago by bankbryan
The Magic of React-Based Multi-Step Forms
One way to deal with long, complex forms is to break them up into multiple steps. You know, answer one set of questions, move on to another, then maybe another, and so on and so forth. We often refer to these as multi-step forms (for obvious reasons), but others also take to calling it a “wizard” form.
javascript  react  forms  progressive  wizards 
9 weeks ago by spaceninja
Tomas Satoransky Is the Glue Guy in a Locker Room That Tore Itself Apart
"Discovering Satoransky was serendipitous. He has been one of Washington’s rare feel-good moments over the past two seasons. And that’s exactly how he carries himself: like a walking, talking, firm-hand-shaking, 6-foot-7 feel-good moment. He’s happy to help Wizards employees; if the social media team needs player participation, Satoransky’s the one to ask. He’s a good quote and will play along with reporters’ questions. He nods when he’s listening and makes eye contact. Always the eye contact. The first time Brooks met Satoransky, in 2016 at an Orange County gym, that was his takeaway. 'I just liked the way he was fixated on my eyes, and he was listening to everything I said.'"
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january 2019 by bankbryan
Salary cap analysis: How the Wizards got into this cap cataclysm ‒ and how they can get out of it
"Bradley Beal’s place in potential negotiations is interesting because he fits well on many teams and carries a much more manageable price tag. That combination also likely makes him the most likely to be moved by a (theoretical) pragmatic front office because they could play general managers off of each other, particularly because shooting guards are still scarce around the league. Beal trades could take a variety of different forms depending on what Washington wants and who is most enamored with him but it could involve a mix of young talent, draft assets and financial savings."
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december 2018 by bankbryan
Alex Ross - The Occult Roots of Modernism: Joséphin Péladan’s mystical art exhibitions, in Paris, set the stage for everything from Kandinsky’s abstractions to Eliot’s “The Waste Land" (New Yorker, June 26, 2017)
n the Paris of the early eighteen-nineties, at the height of the Decadence, the man of the moment was the novelist, art critic, and would-be guru Joséphin Péladan, who named himself Le Sâr, after the ancient Akkadian word for “king.” He went about in a flowing white cloak, an azure jacket, a lace ruff, and an Astrakhan hat, which, in conjunction with his bushy head of hair and double-pointed beard, gave him the aspect of a Middle Eastern potentate. He was in the midst of writing a twenty-one-volume cycle of novels, titled “La Décadence Latine,” which follows the fantastical adventures of various enchanters, adepts, femmes fatales, androgynes, and other enemies of the ordinary. His bibliography also includes literary tracts, explications of Wagnerian mythology, and a self-help tome called “How One Becomes a Magus.” He let it be known that he had completed the syllabus. He informed Félix Faure, the President of the Republic, that he had the gift of “seeing and hearing at the greatest distances, useful in controlling enemy councils and suppressing espionage.” He began one lecture by saying, “People of Nîmes, I have only to pronounce a certain formula for the earth to open and swallow you all.” In 1890, he established the Order of the Catholic Rose + Croix of the Temple and the Grail, one of a number of end-of-century sects that purported to revive lost arts of magic. The peak of his fame arrived in 1892, when he launched an annual art exhibition called the Salon de la Rose + Croix, which embraced the Symbolist movement, with an emphasis on its more eldritch guises. Thousands of visitors passed through, uncertain whether they were witnessing a colossal breakthrough or a monumental joke.

The spell wore off quickly. At the time of Péladan’s death, in 1918, he was already seen as an absurd relic of a receding age. He is now known mainly to scholars of Symbolism, connoisseurs of the occult, and devotees of the music of Erik Satie.
Joséphin  Péladan  Magic  Paris  France  Occult  Wizards 
december 2018 by dbourn
In 'Fantastic Beasts', J.K. Rowling Fails at Writing Characters of Colour
Rowling fails to create empathetic, three-dimensional portrayals of her characters of colour.
Rowling’s greatest flaw as a scriptwriter is Nagini’s submissiveness to her fate, and lack of desire to change her future. Instead, she’s pushed aside at the expense of other characters’ developments.
Rowling fails to imbue Leta, arguably the most promising character in this film, with the traits of her most successful protagonists—self-determination and resilience. Instead, Rowling unintentionally turns Leta, a mixed-race woman, into the “tragic mulatto” trope as a character born and bred of tragedy, unhappiness, and unbelonging.
Beyond Yusuf’s path for vengeance, he is yet another character of colour whose childhood trauma drives his present-day existence. Once Yusuf realizes that Corvus is dead, his character’s purpose and role in the plot is lost.
Rowling likewise glosses over the racist and colonialist history that inspires Leta’s birth, Yusuf’s revenge, and Nagini’s constant imprisonment.
Whites  Racism  Harry  Potter  Witches  Wizards  Fiction  Literature 
december 2018 by dbourn
Indians and Harry Potter (Dear JK Rowling: We’re Still Here)
None of the Native American “characters” in Rowling’s story of the founding of Ilvermorny had names, and were only mentioned in passing. Only 2 tribes out of literally hundreds are named: Narragansett and Wampanoag. But Isolt Sayre, the founder and an Irish woman, sure had a hell of a backstory. The story in itself normalizes colonialism, and makes it sound, again, like we welcomed the European invaders with open arms: a lie that continues to be perpetuated by white people who don’t want to acknowledge that America is stolen land and don’t want to think about what really happened here and what continues to happen here. The description of the Ilvermorny’s humble beginnings feels so much like assimilation; they taught the Native American children the more sophisticated wand magic, of course, in exchange to learn their own ways. Something in me doubts that their ways were taken very seriously. I desperately hope you prove me wrong, Jo.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the Houses themselves. Let’s keep in mind that lions, badgers, serpents, and eagles are very much creatures you can find on the Discovery channel. Here are the Native American origins and tribal affiliations on Pukwudgies, the Wampus Cat, the Thunderbird, and Horned Serpents. Ilvermorny has nothing uniquely American about it; it’s basically American Hogwarts with Native American cultures pasted on top of it for a lazy excuse of creativity. And die-hard Potterheads, a term I used to covet, eat it all up because we are starving for more, never mind the cultural appropriation. Who cares? We have more magic. Indians aren’t relevant anymore anyway. Do they even exist? Eh, they should get over it.
She could have just treated us as human beings, ones who have character and life and humanity. She could have created her own magical creatures, like the ones she did in the world of Hogwarts, or used the ones she had before and tweaked them for regional changes. Hell, she could have even kept skinwalkers and Thunderbird and Pukwudgies– just give them the respect and the reverence and the stories that they deserve. Don’t claim them to be Animagi or goblins or phoenix relatives. Name the tribes they come from. Don’t make them servants to the white settlers. They’re not yours to commodify, or to give permission to your fans to commodify. Because when I see people write “I’m a Thunderbird!!” in the comment section of a Buzzfeed article and try to compare them to the Hogwarts houses Rowling created, it just hurts.
Harry  Potter  Fiction  Whites  Indians  Witches  Wizards  Literature 
december 2018 by dbourn
Leta Lestrange's Storyline In 'The Crimes Of Grindelwald' Is The Last Straw For Me As A Black 'Harry Potter' Fan
Rowling’s history of magic in America was accused of showing a simplistic, white feministic take on American history while also appropriating Native American culture at the same time. At the very least, Rowling just seems committed to representing people of color in her new wizarding world franchise without considering that good representation is more than just casting. If she had, she wouldn’t have written Leta the way that she did.
I’m done being asked to be content with characters like incompetent Madam President Seraphina Picquery (Carmen Ejogo) and abused Leta Lestrange, neither of whom were allowed to let their identities as black women in a white-dominated world intersect with their identities as women in a male-dominated world to create a fully-realized character. I’m done consuming new additions to the wizarding world that raised and influenced me personally and creatively, when those new additions do little but harm me in the end, especially as Rowling continues to be a controversial figure who refuses to acknowledge or learn from criticism. I’m just done.
Harry  Potter  Blacks  Racism  Magic  Witches  Fiction  Literature  Wizards 
december 2018 by dbourn
The Wizards Are the NBA’s Must-See Soap Opera
"New Wizard Austin Rivers took a second to talk to the small contingent of journos because he was back in Los Angeles for the first time since the Clippers traded him, but he claimed he was unaware of the incendiary remarks made by his teammates in the aftermath of the Kings loss. Initially, Rivers said, 'I don’t really have a comment on it'—then proceeded to give more than a minute straight of uninterrupted thoughts, saying that players were 'frustrated' but he’s 'not trying to step on people’s toes because I’m the new guy.' He also said 'I don’t want to start nothing'—then explained 'I’m not a fit-in type of guy. I’m a guy who goes out there and attacks people’s throats.' But that’s OK, he said, because throat-attacking is exactly what Wall, Beal, and Scott Brooks counseled him to do. It was glorious. Rivers is already a perfect Wizard."
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november 2018 by bankbryan

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