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Giving Notice About Withdrawing Your Child from School
Withdrawing a child from school requires parents to notify school authorities and request that their child's name be removed from the school's admissions register.
school  withdrawal 
january 2019 by andreok
Legal How-To: Withdrawing Your Child From Public School - Law and Daily Life
For one reason or another, you may wish to take your child out of the public school... - School Law
school  withdrawal 
january 2019 by andreok
The Man Behind the Pill Decided Women 'Need' to Have Periods—But They Don't - Broadly
If you're on the birth control pill, you're most likely going through withdrawal bleeding once a month. But there's no medical reason for having a simulated period every three weeks.
contraceptives  bleeding  catholic  church  Women's_Studies  gender  health  identity  menstruation  oral  periods  pills  placebo  politics  sexuality  sex  rights  reproductive  suppression  spotting  vice  witchcraft  women  withdrawal 
january 2019 by xer0x
Scoop: Russian proposal linked Iran sanctions relief with Syria withdrawal - Axios, Nov 20, 2018
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a closed hearing on Monday that Russia recently proposed to Israel and the U.S. that Iran be granted relief from some U.S. sanctions in return for the removal of Iranian forces and proxies from Syria.
Iran.NuclearProgram  sanctions  Mar15  withdrawal  Russia  Iran  IranianProxy  Netanyahu 
december 2018 by elizrael

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