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Have a great start today ☕️

for a day full of and

(Thanks to luviyo for…
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april 2019 by liebermansees
The best to all the out there! Enjoy the precious time with your ones...
And fo…
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december 2018 by piottimobile
Try Again
Words:42.983,리드와 하치는 과거로 돌아간다.
음!이런 소재 보고 싶었다. 그냥 일시적인 타임트래블이 아니라....실제로 회귀하는? 다만 아쉬웠던건, 회귀의 비밀을 모두 공유하고 리드와 하치 둘이 같이 돌아갔기 때문에 긴장감이 적었다. 그리고 둘이 서로를 baby로 부르는 거 조금 캐릭터에서 벗어난다고 느꼈다.
kadeeleigh  AU  hotchner/reid  H/C  fluff  bottom!reid  toppy!hotchner  haley-hotchner  bitch!haley  time-loop  wishes  established-relationship  rating:PG13  fandom:CM  length:Middle 
september 2018 by engfordean
Colorado Springs High
Xander Harris finds himself trapped in an alternate reality - a reality in which the Ancients did not create dimensional rifts known as Hellmouths, instead they created controlled vortexes to other planets - devices called Stargates.

A/N: This series came about due to my fascination with the situation that Jack's teenaged clone found himself in. I could barely fathom how alone he must have felt... so I gave him a friend: Xander Harris.
fanfiction  fandom:BtVS  fandom:SG1  crossover  dimension!hopping  wishes  author:Scorpio  rating:pg-13  WIP 
december 2017 by jenna_marianne
Beach House – Forever Still | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Beach House – Forever Still Beach House perform 4 songs from Bloom in this atmospheric short film, including Wild, The Hours, Wishes, and Irene. Directed by Beach House with Max Goldman Executive Producers RJ Bentler and Jason Foster Beach House is Alex Scally, Victoria Legrand and Daniel Franz Director of Photography Max Goldman Producer Greg […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Beach  house  Bloom  Forever  Still  Irene  Max  Goldman  music  Pitchfork  Media  TV  RJ  Bent...  Short  Film  sub  pop  The  Hours  Wild  wishes 
august 2017 by wotek
The IT worker bucket list
What are tech workersâ heartâ s desires? Consider how many of them you could implement in your shop, and make the staffâ s dreams come true.
it  employee  worker  wishlist  wishes  technology 
july 2017 by gilberto5757

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