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'Don't look at the rocks'

This is a saying in whitewater kayaking, at least where I was an instructor. Basically, if you're looking at the rocks, you end up on the rocks. If you're looking at the clean and easy line, you'll take the clean and easy line. If you're looking at the waterfall, you're going over the waterfall. Every beginner's first instinct is to look at the rocks, just like everyone's first instinct is to see the bad, avoid the hazard, and fear failure instead of looking for the good, seeking safety, and pursuing success (however we personally define it)
2 days ago by craniac
Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag
1. The extreme fragility of human culture, civilization. A man becomes a beast in three weeks, given heavy labor, cold, hunger, and beatings.

2. The main means for depraving the soul is the cold. Presumably in Central Asian camps people held out longer, for it was warmer there.

3. I realized that friendship, comradeship, would never arise in really difficult, life-threatening conditions. Friendship arises in difficult but bearable conditions (in the hospital, but not at the pit face).

4. I realized that the feeling a man preserves longest is anger. There is only enough flesh on a hungry man for anger: everything else leaves him indifferent.

5. I realized that Stalin’s “victories” were due to his killing the innocent—an organization a tenth the size would have swept Stalin away in two days.

6. I realized that humans were human because they were physically stronger and clung to life more than any other animal: no horse can survive work in the Far North.
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8 days ago by ramitsethi
ZEN PENCILS » 94. The Two Wolves
This is often attributed as being an old Native American Cherokee legend (and I’ve obviously depicted it as such) but after doing a bit of digging online I found that its origins are disputed.
comic  evil  good  wisdom  wolf 
12 days ago by kogakure
(11) Let's Talk Numbers: Celestial Nighthawk Analysis (Destiny 2) - YouTube
This video analyzed damage for the different trees of Golden Gun. The bottom tree is always better if you make precision hits, and it's always better when wearing a Celestial Nighthawk. The only time that top tree is better is if you want six shots, or if you can't crit the target.

If you can't crit the target, then top-tree (without Nighthawk) does 70% more.
If you *can crit, then bottom tree does 44.5% more damage.
With CN, top tree and bottom tree do identical damage for non-crits, but CN does DOUBLE the damage on bottom tree for crits!
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16 days ago by darkwater
SilensPhoenix comments on Possible to 1 phase Pleasure Gardens with x24 multiplier
According to this data, you should be using Celestial Nighthawk with bottom tree, not top tree. (This information is quite old, however, so it might have changed.)
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16 days ago by darkwater

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