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Eight Epic Failures of Regulating Cryptography | Electronic Frontier Foundation
For those who weren't following digital civil liberties issues in 1995, or for those who have forgotten, here's a refresher list of why forcing companies to break their own privacy and security measures by installing a back door was a bad idea 15 years ago. We'll be posting more analysis when more details on the "new" proposal emerge, but this list is a start:
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september 2017 by jchris
So much for colluding with

... and now back to 📽

🗞 wont cover it…
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april 2017 by nausley
Donald Trump & Russia -- Investigation | National Review
After Obama, whom would you trust to do it?
Should there be a thorough investigation into possible relationships between members of the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government, with a special focus on the question of whether there was coordination between the Trump operation and the hackers, presumably affiliated with Russian intelligence, who made so much trouble for the Democrats last time around? Of course there should.

The problem is: Whom would you trust to do it?
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march 2017 by Jswindle

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