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Amazon.com: GE Remote Wall Switch Light Control, Wireless, No Wiring Needed, Remote Operation up to 100ft Range, Ideal for Lamps and Indoor Lighting, 18279: Camera & Photo
GE Remote Wall Switch Light Control, Wireless, No Wiring Needed, Remote Operation up to 100ft Range, Ideal for Lamps and Indoor Lighting, 18279

Wireless control over any outlet, easily control on/off functions of lighting in hard to reach places. CFL, LED and incandescent compatible.
Decora remote light switch mounts anywhere, mounting bracket provided for easy installation, no wiring needed.
Great for controlling indoor lighting, lamps, small appliances and seasonal lighting.
Receiver plugs into any standard 120VAC household grounded outlet, controlled device plugs into receiver. Remote operation up to 100 ft. from plug-in receiver.
This is manufactured in various codes A, B, C, and D. This allows the use of multiple units without interference from other modules.
NOTE: Please refer the User Manual before use.
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yesterday by sherbondy
What Is WPA3, and When Will I Get It On My Wi-Fi?
According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, devices supporting WPA3 will be released later in 2018. Devices must be certified for WPA3 to roll out these features—in other words, they must apply for and be granted the “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ WPA3™” mark—so you’ll likely start seeing this logo on new routers and other wireless devices beginning in late 2018.
2 days ago by jasonsamuels
mcThings IoT - We Connect Things to the Internet that Can't Be Plugged In
An affordable and powerful measurement and control platform for the Internet of Things that enables users to start creating custom IoT solutions within minutes.
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Huawei – Really Convincing Story, Not. | Radio Free Mobile
this means that this feature (RCS - Rich Communication Services), like its AI assistant, AI chip and its now commoditised imaging offering will be unable to generate any differentiation for Huawei in its devices. This leaves it exactly the same boat as all of the other Android handset makers who differentiate purely on the basis of hardware
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2 days ago by renaissancechambara
Amazon.com: Elecom - Mice / Keyboards, Mice & Accessories: Electronics
Online shopping from a great selection at Electronics Store.
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2 days ago by reorx
RHA reveals new wireless MA650 and MA750 earphones
British audio firm RHA has announced two new wireless headphones that will be joining their lineup this summer. The MA650 Wireless and MA750 wireless are single-driver, Bluetooth headphones that promise both comfort and quality. MA650 Wireless The MA650 Wireless combines RHA’s 380.1 dynamic driver with AptX codec Bluetooth to bring immersive wireless listening to users....

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RHA  reveals  new  wireless  MA650  and  MA750  earphones 
2 days ago by vrzone
Over The Air Updates For Your Arduino | Hackaday
An Arduino and a data radio can make a great remote sensor node. Often in such situations, the hardware ends up installed somewhere hard to get to – be it in a light fitting, behind a wall, or secreted somewhere outdoors. Not places that you’d want to squeeze a cable repeatedly into while debugging. Using the NRF24L01 chip with the Arduino is a popular choice to add wireless communications to a small project. By installing one of these radios on both the remote hardware and a local Arduino connected to the programming computer, it’s possible to remotely flash the Arduino without any physical contact whatsoever using Optiboot.
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3 days ago by cyberchucktx

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