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an irrevocable condition - layersofsilence - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Maria Elena Popescu’s apartment building might be a faceless grey dump, but it’s her faceless grey dump, and she’s proud of it. It’s small – three floors, and three very poky flats to a floor, except for the bottom floor that was the entrance hall and her own quarters – but that just meant she knew everybody who lived here, and liked them. Nobody was allowed to come in here and make it worse, or disreputable, not even tall dark and good-looking foreigners who reacted with an appropriate amount of fear when Maria eyeballed them.
au  OC  outsider.POV  mcu  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  fanfic  recs  gen 
september 2019 by meri_sefket
Teach What You Know - SharpestScalpel - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Other considered names for this fic include: "Ma Barnes, Secret Abortionist" and "Bucky Barnes, Mama's Boy."

Bucky is still uncomfortable, still figuring everything out, but he's tired of sitting still. That's when he finds the ad on Craigslist looking for a self-defense instructor for the local rec center. Bucky figures he can teach which he knows.

In which Bucky Barnes teaches self-defense, asks about pronouns, steals Steve's ice cream, gets in trouble with the press, and eventually realizes that, yes, his mother would be proud of him.
WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  SteveRogers  gen  fanfic  recs  OCs  MCU 
august 2019 by meri_sefket
Even a Traitor May Mend - Chapter 1 - Sickdaysurfer - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s taken Bucky a miserable, lonely year to re-learn how to behave like a human. Escaping HYDRA took its toll on him, but when he sees that floating city on television screen, he knows his days in hiding are numbered. Finding Steve is the easy part: Steve has always been Bucky’s true north, the compass guiding him home. Once he finds him, though, he realizes just how much he still has to overcome. The Asset remains, tucked away, lurking beneath the recesses of Bucky’s mind throughout every breakfast, joke, and long overdue moment.

HYDRA always finds a way to tear James Buchanan Barnes apart sooner or later. The only question is, will the version of himself that Bucky has spent the last years building be enough to protect him?
WinterSolider  amnesia  fanfic  recs  MCU  BuckyBarnes  SteveRogers  Steve/Bucky  slash  gen 
august 2019 by meri_sefket
No Hope for the Weary - Chapter 1 - girlbookwrm - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
It is a sunsoaked afternoon, and he is tired all the way down to his bones. He can hear the soft scritch-scratch-scritch of Steve’s pencil on paper, and faintly, distantly, someone listening to Glenn Miller.

(This is the Soldier-Asset-Bucky’s favorite memory.)

AKA A Lullaby for Bucky Barnes. Contents: A severely traumatized brain called Ace, a highly weaponized Arm called Sweetheart, and a cyborg supersoldier in chronic need of naptime. Also, unfortunately, the plot of Captain America: Civil War.
fanfic  recs  amnesia  WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  Steve/Bucky  SteveRogers  MCU 
august 2019 by meri_sefket
И не забудь про меня - MonocerosRex - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Do you know who I am?”
“Captain Steven Rogers, codename: Captain America.”
“How is it he sounds a thousand times more robotic than any of the actual robots around here?” Tony muttered, manfully enduring the elbow Hill was applying to his ribs.
“Okay. Can you tell me who you are?”
“The asset. Codename: The Winter Soldier.”
Steve waited for a moment, but shockingly Deep Freeze didn’t immediately jump into his arms proclaiming himself to be ‘James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Steve Rogers’ best friend!’. God those were some pointy elbows.
“Okay. Can you tell me everyth—uh, that is, what is the earliest thing you can remember right now?”
Robocop actually paused for a second at that one. Something flickered in his eyes, the first hint of emotion they’d seen from him.
Figures it would be fear.
fanfic  recs  h/c  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  amnesia  slash  MCU 
august 2019 by meri_sefket
Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction - Chapter 1 - galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.
au  h/c  fluff  A/B/O  man.out.of.time  fanfic  recs  MCU  SteveRogers  amnesia  WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  Steve/Bucky 
november 2018 by meri_sefket
The Normal Level Of Demon-Possession Is None Demons - Chapter 1 - razboinicul_iernii - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky takes a lot of the hardships in his life in stride. Unfortunately for Sam and everyone else, his demonic possession while under HYDRA's control is one of those things he's been rather flippant about.
WinterSolider  amnesia  h/c  au  magic  fanfic  recs  MCU  BuckyBarnes  friendship  team.feels  SamWilson  TonyStark  SteveRogers  homophobia  queer 
november 2018 by meri_sefket
Cabin Fever - Chapter 1 - Dibsanddabs - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It was just Steve’s luck really. It was his first outing as the asset’s handler and everything had gone to shit.

Steve is the asset's new handler, and when a mission goes bad he makes the decision to wait in a safe house. But mountain weather is against them and the pair end up snowed in together. The longer the asset spends out of cryo, the more of Steve's questions he can answer, and Steve might not like what he finds.

[It's a mindfuck]
mind.control  WinterSolider  SteveRogers  darkfic  BuckyBarnes  Steve/Bucky  slash  amnesia  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
It's a Ghost Story - Agent_Burgundy - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Darcy had been able to see the spirits of those bound to the earth for as long as she could remember. If her grandmother was to be believed, it was because the supernatural world had a rift that needed mended.

Darcy just really wasn't sure how to go about that. Or why a ghost named Barnes seemed to latch onto her before disappearing altogether.

She was certainly too busy trying to complete her destiny or whatever to pay much attention when the Winter Soldier moved into Avengers Tower.

She had a job to do, after all.
au  DarcyLewis  BuckyBarnes  angst  fanfic  recs  MCU  Darcy/Bucky  het  WinterSolider 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
The Soldier and the Parade - Chapter 1 - stele3 - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
This is an AU that assumes Bucky Barnes escaped from HYDRA long before Steve Rogers was dug up from his iceberg.

It also assumes that Bucky Barnes is a huge fan of My Chemical Romance.

This is dedicated to all my bandom bros. I love you all and I have no fucking shame.
BuckyBarnes  man.out.of.time  SteveRogers  WinterSolider  amnesia  fanfic  recs  au  MCU  slash  Steve/Bucky 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
straight to the heart please - Chapter 1 - Poe - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky comes back different. Moves silently, like a cat padding across tiles, his body weight centred despite the enormous weight of his metal arm. Never seems to sleep, retaining those bruised bags under his eyes which Steve half wants to reach out and rub away, like a smudge on a drawing. Before the war, before the Winter Soldier, Bucky had sought contact, casual touches and throwing an arm over Steve's shoulders, until Steve was too tall for that. Now, he flinched away, like a cornered animal, top lip curling upwards into a grimace.
au  vampires  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  Steve/Bucky  slash  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
What the Water Gave Me - Chapter 1 - hobbitdragon, SD_Ryan - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
One moment Steve stood listening to Fury talk some nonsense to deceive the bugs apparently everywhere in Steve’s apartment, and the next moment a door opened where there hadn’t been a door before. In the doorway stood a figure, outlined in the fluorescent light pouring out from behind it. Steve made out arms, legs, a head, but around those were....other limbs, squirming and curling. His head ached when he tried to count them, perhaps three, perhaps twenty. His eyes shied away from understanding the sight of them, at once glowing with an oil-slick rainbow of colors while also being the same empty blackness of endless space.

The figure looked hard at Steve, meeting his eyes over a face-mask. The eyes were the same as those awful limbs, simultaneously a bright, mesmerizing gold and also holes into a place with no light at all.
fanfic  recs  au  tentacles  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  amnesia  Steve/Bucky  slash  NatashaRomanov 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
Some Say In Ice - Chapter 1 - Nonymos - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Loki decides to get his scepter back from HYDRA. The Winter Soldier is sent to stop him. Surely everything will go just as planned for all parties involved.
au  Loki  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  slash  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
here we go again, I kinda wanna be more than friends - suzukiblu - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
The mission--not the mission--finds the asset and brings it in. The asset does not resist.

The asset does not mean to resist.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” not-the-mission says, holding a hand to his red-dripping mouth. The asset’s metal knuckles match it.

“It is not okay,” Codename: The Falcon says.

The asset doesn’t know which of them to believe.
h/c  dub.con  WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  SamWilson  SteveRogers  TonyStark  fanfic  recs  MCU  poly  queer 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
do you wanna be my sidekick, sidekick - suzukiblu - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey . . . soldier,” Sam says slowly, and the Winter Soldier lifts his head and gives him a blank look. Sam wonders if he’s about to die, because goddamn is he gonna be pissed if this is how he goes. “All good?”

“I’m functioning to acceptable parameters,” the Winter Soldier says.

“Great,” Sam says. “Awesome.”

The Winter Soldier keeps staring at him. The VA did not prepare him for this shit.

“Want a blondie?” he says finally, for lack of anything else.
SamWilson  A/B/O  WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  Sam/Bucky  slash  fanfic  au  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
Siege - ftmsteverogers - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve called him Bucky, and the Winter Soldier was trying to shoulder into that name like a badly-fitting jacket.

Or, the one where the Winter Soldier pulls Steve from the Potomac and sticks around this time.
WinterSolider  angst  amnesia  BuckyBarnes  SteveRogers  Steve/Bucky  slash  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
A Last Hail Mary - lforevermore - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Written for MCUKinkBingo, filling square "Dubious Consent."

Darcy and Bucky get taken by HYDRA when Bucky's recall code is used against him.
h/c  dub.con  WinterSolider  BuckyBarnes  DarcyLewis  Darcy/Bucky  het  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
This is the Ghost Story - Chapter 1 - Taste_is_Sweet - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
You can't have amnesia if you're not supposed to remember.

("I don't want to forget you," Bucky says wistfully.

Steve looks half-asleep, but he blinks and lifts his head. "What do you mean?" he asks. His smile is puzzled. "Why would you forget me?"

"After maintenance, when they'll wipe me and put me in Cryo," Bucky explains. "I'll forget you again, and I don't want to. You're the best handler I've ever had.")
amnesia  WinterSolider  SteveRogers  h/c  BuckyBarnes  Steve/Bucky  gen  fanfic  recs  MCU 
august 2018 by meri_sefket
by foreign hands (or by familiar) - Chapter 1 - ACometAppears - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is a small trans florist who knows his way around a baseball bat. Bucky is a fugitive from the men that have hurt him for seventy years. Their paths cross one night when, panicked and alone, Bucky decides to hide in Steve's shop.
fanfic  recs  shrinkyclinks  MCU  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  WinterSolider  slash  gen  transgender  queer  steve/bucky 
august 2018 by meri_sefket

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