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All the Buildings of the Living
“And of all the things I did this year that I'm proud of — finding my dream job, running my first 10K, beginning to write poetry again — Buttondown's growth and success might be the biggest one.”
justin-duke  winter  side-projects 
13 hours ago by jasdev
Even if winter doesn’t officially set in until late December, you still need to prepare. Here’s how you can get your roof ready for winter.
roof  roofing  winter 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
Christmas Cards Made Easy - Shutterfly, Excel, and a Word Mail Merge - Scott Hanselman
“The Wife was stressing out because the sheer number of people we were sending Christmahanakwanzika cards to this year. She usually handwrites out the envelopes, but there’s just too many now. I suggested cutting back, or using email, and was promptly put in my place.

“I suggested a Mail Merge, and while The Wife is a competent Microsoft Office user, the Mythical Mail Merge is still out of reach. I don’t think I’ve met a non-programmer who has pulled it off. It’s a shame really, especially when it comes to envelopes.”
winter  wintercards  2018  hanselman 
yesterday by handcoding
Hot Chocolate
1 spoon Ggirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Coco
2 spoons powdered sugar
Drink  Winter  totag 
2 days ago by PhantomFoodie

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