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$SPY it's ya' boiiiii [they said it not me]
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I normally smoke eight cigarettes on my morning run, so my daily routine just got a little more efficient
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“A man living with a disability who featured in ads across the country for the National Disability Insuran…
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How the psychology of the England football team could change your life | Football | The Guardian
“I’d like to turn this unhealthy preoccupation with success on its head and put it on the record that I think failure is really useful. For without failure we cannot progress longer, higher or faster. It’s a funny paradox – our successes are achieved through trying, and trying most often ends in failure. Every day in our general lives and our sporting lives we will win some and lose some; it’s just part of the way life should be. It could be missing out on a promotion, being pipped at the line in a running race or bombing out in an exam – it doesn’t matter – the important lesson is to learn from our failures, reassess, rethink, move forward (sometimes in a different direction) and keep those dreams and goals alive.”


Five top tips for success

• Don’t fear failure. “Part of what it takes to be courageous is overcoming the constant battle between the desire for what we want and the fear of failure. Most of us don’t expose ourselves because we are fearful,” writes Grange.

• Reframe emotions: you’re not “nervous”, you’re “excited”; a penalty shootout/job interview/important speech is not something to dread, it’s an “opportunity”.

• Positive thinking is unhelpful if you’re simply fantasising about achieving an Oscar/the World Cup/a fuller social life. Instead, focus – positively – on the steps that could get you to your goal.

• Treat your employees/children/customers as individuals rather than a homogenous group. Different approaches will work for different people.

• Kindness, listening and empathy will take you further than barking orders. Use praise to motivate people.
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