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Passerine Aircraft Corporation
Interesting design, using perching leg jumps and a blown wing upper surface jet for enhanced lift in a STOVL arrangement. Sorta bird like.
STOVL  VTOL  perching  jumping  UAV  drone  airplane  hardware  electronics  devices  blown  wing  lift 
march 2018 by asteroza
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party  planning  drink  mix  wing  sauce 
december 2017 by Adventure_Web
REQUEST: Dean/Cas (minor Jack/Cas) wing kink
(Spoilers for season 13 but no particular episode)

As a seraph, Castiel's wings are pretty big. But Jack is an even higher rank and his wings are fucking glorious.
For whatever reason (Cas teaching Jack wing maintenance maybe?) Jack has his wings out and it's absolute instinct for Cas to drop to his knees, just like the lower rank angels have done to him for eons. Cas cant help it. Something about a higher ranked angel's wings forces an observer into obsequious behavior. This can be as powerful as you want. Maybe Cas can stand up again straight away or maybe he has to obey orders until Jack puts his wings away.

+1 for blissfully unaware nougat Jack
+1 for embarrassed Cas trying to pretend nothing is wrong even though he drops into a kneel whenever Jack enters a room.
+1 for Dean and Sam also being affected to a lesser extent
+10000 for Dean noticing Cas's unusual behaviour and finding it super hot leading to UST or (if established relationship) introducing some fun new elements in the bedroom.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/jack  wing 
december 2017 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Cas, angel sickness, moult, nest
An angel's wings are a good general indicator of their physical health. When Dean accidentally see Cas's he gets a big shock.

He hits the books and once he fills Sam in, his little brother is eager to help.

Turns out sick angels recover in nests. So Sam and Dean make the best angel nest they can.

Cas loves it and after a couple of days snoozing in it, while the brothers assure him they'll stand guard over him, he is well again.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  sickness  wing 
december 2017 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Cas, Dean, Sam; winged!Winchesters, h/c
A spell gone wrong gives Dean and Sam wings. There's a massive adjustment period, and Cas is fortunately there to help. But as they learn what they can do with their wings, the brothers realise one of the best thing is offering their actual angel wing hugs. Just cocooning him in their wings, and holding him. Making a safe wing nest because angels do that for themselves when they feel the need.

Cas's wings are too broken and threadbare, so the brothers do it for him.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  wing 
december 2017 by Mayalaen

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