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787 integrates new composite wing deicing system : CompositesWorld
The composite wing leading edge on Boeing’s Dreamliner features an integrated heating element that incorporates a sprayed metal conductive layer within the laminate stack.
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may 2013 by luckyland
MAKE | Learn to Fly with the Brooklyn Aerodrome Flying Wing Kit
Learn to Fly with the Brooklyn Aerodrome Flying Wing Kit, March 28, 2013 at 10:00AM, from MAKE
ifttt  googlereader  MAKE  Learn  to  Fly  with  the  Brooklyn  Aerodrome  Flying  Wing  Kit  March  28  2013  at  10:00AM 
march 2013 by designmakecreate
Verified Facts
Generate your own conspiracy theory!
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february 2013 by nwhyte

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