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WineHQ - Microsoft Office (installer only) 2007
This entry is just for testing the installer of Microsoft Office 2007 (aka Office 12) office suite.

Please see the individual AppDB entries for reports on running specific programs included in Office 2007.
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6 weeks ago by ezequiel
ubuntu snippets: winetricks - install wine application perquisites with ease
As most of us know wine is used to run windows applications on linux. But setting it up always has been pain. For example if your windows program requires some prerequisites that aren't shipped or not implemented in wine then you have to go for hunting on net. Examples include mscore fonts, Internet Explorer, DCOM, etc. And this guide explains how to install winetricks on ubuntu.
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november 2009 by analogue40
winetricks - The Official Wine Wiki
winetricks is a quick and dirty script to download and install various redistributable runtime libraries sometimes needed to run programs in Wine.
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september 2009 by lystrata

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