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El Viernes Primero de Junio celebraremos el " & Night" junto a la famiglia marrone quienes el pasado…
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yesterday by randyhilarski
How to Write Useful Wine Tasting Notes | Wine Folly
Also, don’t be scared of writing something that might sound a little silly. These notes are just for you, after all!
yesterday by dano
Installing PDN under Wine in Linux. - Paint.NET Discussion and Questions - Forum
Has anyone had any success installing PDN under Wine in Linux? I've tried multiple times with version 4.0.9 and even 3.5.11, with no luck at all. I thought v 4.0.9 would succeed, but it crashed while trying to install Dot.NET 4.6.1.
winecompatible  howto  tips  installation  example  wine  ubuntu  mint  linux  guide  forumthread  2016  software 
3 days ago by ezequiel
Linux error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory - Stack Overflow
Your library is a dynamic library. You need to tell the operating system where it can locate it at runtime.

To do so, we will need to do those easy steps:

(1 ) Find where the library is placed if you don't know it.

sudo find / -name

(2) Check for the existence of the dynamic library path environment variable(LD_LIBRARY_PATH)


if there is nothing to be displayed, add a default path value (or not if you wish to)

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib

(3) We add the desire path, export it and try the application.

Note that the path should be the directory where the is. So if is in /my_library/ it should be :

$ ./my_app

source :
3 days ago by rwhe
Has wine gone bad? | News | The Guardian
‘Natural wine’ advocates say everything about the modern industry is ethically, ecologically and aesthetically wrong – and have triggered the biggest split in the wine world for a generation.
wine  organic  naturalwine  review  history  trends  Guardian  2018 
7 days ago by inspiral
Installing Wine on Mac | David Baumgold
A simple tutorial demonstrating how to install Wine on a macOS computer.
wine  macos 
8 days ago by shaack
Has wine gone bad? | News | The Guardian
Once you know what to look for, natural wines are easy to spot: they tend to be smellier, cloudier, juicier, more acidic and generally truer to the actual taste of grape than traditional wines. In a way, they represent a return to the core elements that made human beings fall in love with wine when we first began making it, around 6,000 years ago
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9 days ago by jberkel
Capturing this wisdom for my own timeline -
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