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Penetration Testers’ Guide to Windows 10 Privacy & Security
Having concluded in September that Qubes OS was best suited as a portable lab, I have adopted Windows 10 Pro v1607 as my offensive platform. This article was modified in July ’17 to include several v1703 pitfalls.
windows  security 
19 hours ago by chris.leaman
Debugging LoadLibrary Failures (gflags) – Junfeng Zhang's Musing |
LoadLibrary is one of the mostly used yet unbelieveably complex APIs in Windows, if not the one. Russ Osterlund has a full MSDN article discussing LoadLibrary, yet he only touches the surface of the problem (how it works under normal condition.) Mike Grier is one of the most talented developers I have worked with in Microsoft. He devoted a full series on the intricacy of LoadLibrary. Yet he has to put it to a halt due to the complexity of the problem.
debugging  windows 
yesterday by jd
Station - One app to rule them all
The first smart workstation for busy people. A single place for all of your work applications.
Windows  tools  productivity 
yesterday by liqweed
CloneApp - Portable
A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings. When you're switching to a new PC CloneApp will Clone your App Content (Configuration files and folders from Windows directories, Registry entries, Pictures, Documents etc.) to Another Workspace to simplify the re-install process or only for Backup purposes.
backup  windows 
yesterday by dusko

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