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Twinsplay Zinstall - Transfer programs and files to new PC, to Windows 10, 8, 7
Save sets or "sessions" of open windows and files. Split a large monitor into two desktops
utilities  Windows  monitor 
16 hours ago by wellsa
Outlook 2010 Tower of Babel patch KB 4011089 breaks VBScript print | Computerworld
In the second significant bug in Outlook security patches this month, installing the September Outlook 2010 security patch disables the VBScript print function in custom forms.
windows  security 
19 hours ago by andyhuey
Microsoft Networking -- SMB configuration in Windows 10 | Technibble Forums
Since upgrading to Windows 10 I've experienced network browsing issues here in my home/office/lab gigabit ethernet environment. After troubleshooting...
windows  networking  smb 
23 hours ago by chap
GitHub - pierricgimmig/orbitprofiler: C/C++ Performance Profiler
Orbit is a standalone C/C++ profiler for Windows. Its main purpose is to help developers visualize the execution flow of a complex application.

The key differentiator with many existing tools is that no alteration to the target process is necessary. Orbit does not require you to change a single line of code. It doesn't require you to recompile or even relaunch the application you want to debug. Everything is done seamlessly, right when you need it. It requires zero integration time and zero iteration time.

Orbit analyses the debug information present in the pdb files and performs runtime injection into the target process to open up a communication channel between the two applications. It can then dynamically instrument functions that the user selects easily from the intuitive UI. It also contains a robust sampling profiler and context switch tracker based on ETW (Event Tracing for Windows). Instrumentation data is presented in the form of a flame chart onto which sampling data is overlaid.
Windows  Profiler  OpenSource  OrbitProfiler  github  2017  PierricGimmig  Profiling 
yesterday by dlb
Télécharger Play Store pour PC
Bluestacks émulateur android sur PC pour accéder aux applications de google play store playstore
yesterday by jcmasset

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