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Free Virtual Machines from IE8 to MS Edge - Microsoft Edge Development
Download free VMs to test Windows browsers using Virtuabox and other free emulators. No more pirating Fusion or Parallels just for this :)
microsoft  windows  testing  virtualbox  vm  ie  internetexplorer  webdevelopment 
yesterday by betobeto
Windows Safety: What Parents Need To Know
Safety always needs to be a major concern when it comes to windows. Every year, there is an alarming number of window-related injuries and fatalities.
children  locks  windows 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
5 Ways To Backup and Restore the Windows Registry or Selected Hives • Raymond.CC
There are several ways to backup your system registry but simply copying the files to another folder is not an option as they are locked by Windows and cannot be copied.
Read More:
windows  registry  backup 
yesterday by J0hnS
MakeCert | Microsoft Docs
The MakeCert tool creates an X.509 certificate, signed by the test root key or other specified key, that binds your name to the public part of the key pair. The certificate is saved to a file, a system certificate store, or both. The tool is installed in the \Bin folder of the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) installation path.
dotnet  windows 
yesterday by andyhuey
Mirinsoft - About CloneApp
CloneApp is a free portable and simple backup tool which could save you a lot of time when migrating your software or reinstalling Windows.
windows  backup  tool 
yesterday by J0hnS
RegistryChangesView - Compare snapshots of Windows Registry
RegistryChangesView is a tool for Windows that allows you to take a snapshot of Windows Registry and later compare it with another Registry snapshots, with the current Registry or with Registry files stored in a shadow copy created by Windows. When comparing 2 Registry snapshots, you can see the exact changes made in the Registry between the 2 snapshots, and optionally export the Registry changes into a standard .reg file of RegEdit.
windows  registry  tool 
yesterday by J0hnS

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