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Bluebeam Webstore
Buy Bluebeam products: Bluebeam Revu Standard, CAD, eXtreme and Revu for Mac.
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3 hours ago by boscage
Comparing Single Hung and Double Hung Replacement Windows
If you have been comparing your options, then here is what you should know about single hung and double hung replacement windows.
windows  replacement-windows  comparing-replacement-windows 
5 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Windows 上没有文件暂存软件?用 10 秒钟搞定这件小事 | 一日一技 - 少数派
文件暂存软件的本质就是一个放置文件的地方,我们可以利用 Windows 中的自定义工具栏,解决文件暂存的需求。
windows  工具  待实践 
6 hours ago by shenyc
How to set up Docker and Windows Subsystem for Linux: A Love Story. 💚
Do you sometimes feel you’re a beautiful princess turned by an evil wizard into a frog? Like you don’t belong? I do. I’m a UNIX guy scared to leave the cozy command line. My terminal is my castle…
docker  wsl  windows  setup  deployment  howto 
8 hours ago by gilberto5757
Emulate and Test Other Browsers  |  Tools for Web Developers  |  Google Developers
Your job doesn't end with ensuring your site runs great across Chrome and Android. Even though Device Mode can simulate a range of other devices like iPhones, we encourage you to check out other browsers solutions for emulation.
browsers  os  vm  macos  android  windows 
14 hours ago by siggiarni

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