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Keeps windows in their place.
macos  window  position 
3 days ago by adam.gibbins
SQL Window Functions Tutorial for Business Analysis
In this SQL window functions tutorial, we will describe how these functions work in general, what is behind their syntax, and show how to answer these questions with pure SQL.
sql  window  function  tutorial 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
unity - Keyboard command/shortcut to resize window - Ask Ubuntu
As there is no mention of the shortcut using super key I will add it. This is complete keyboard shortcut, which has a super key(key with windows symbol). Just press super key + ctrl and then use arrow keys to resize the window. Arrow Up and Down keys maximize and minimize current window respectively.
ubuntu  window  howto 
12 days ago by aries1988
Forcing windows as always floating - i3 FAQ
# Use xprop to see the class and instance
for_window [class="feh" instance="feh"] floating enable

# browser pop-ups
for_window [window_role="pop-up"] floating enable
i3  configure  window  as  floating  float 
13 days ago by theskett
VELUX Skylights | SUN TUNNEL | installation - repair
Mr. Roofing, Inc is a certified 5-Star Skylight Specialist. We proudly carry the complete line of VELUX skylights, SUN TUNNEL skylights and accessories.
window  skylight  home  repair 
25 days ago by craigrosa
Modal Dialogs
linked from a11y. Works with IE11 (the others there don't). Micromodal (not linked from a11y) doesn't work with IE11. Requires jQuery
webdesign  web  design  accessible  modal  window  accessibility  js  javascript  script  jquery 
27 days ago by piperh
Find a VELUX Skylight Installer | Search Locator - Skylight Contractor
Please use our search locator to find a VELUX skylight installer near you.
skylight  window  vellux  home  repair 
4 weeks ago by craigrosa

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