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Wind Turbine Efficiency - DataGenetics
"Some unscientific articles talk about wind power being 100% efficient. That's impossible, as we will see.

"The velocity of the air flowing through the turbine disk is the average of the upstream and downstream velocities.

"The turbine is most efficient when the downstream velocity is one third of the upstream.

That efficiency is exactly 4^2 / 3^3 = 16/27 ~= 59.26%
Betz's Law: No turbine can extract more than 59.26% of the energy of a fluid.

"Real life wind turbines are typically 40-50% efficient."
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17 days ago by Tonti
No, is not running on power. They are running on a mostly grid. This type of false…
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has released the new Feed-in-Tariffs for 2019. rates look promising. is below expectati…
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