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WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive
Google's use of network to produce a "defection tracker"
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11 days ago by jstenner
You know how the party line has been that Assange couldn't have messaged Trump Jr. himself because he di…
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4 weeks ago by kitoconnell
The Obama-Xi Cyber Agreement - Lawyers, Guns & Money
My favorite part was the FBI calling the DNC IT help desk to tell them they were being hacked. The DNC thought they were kooks // and rightly so.
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5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Activist Leaks 11,000 Private Messages from WikiLeaks' Twitter Chats
An activist has just leaked thousands of private messages of an organization that's been known to publishing others' secrets.
More than 11,000 direct messages from a Twitter group used by WikiLeaks and around 10 close supporters have been posted online by journalist and activist Emma Best, exposing private chats between 2015 and 2017.
The leaked chats have been referenced by American media outlets earlier this year, but for the very first time, all 11,000 messages have been published online, allowing anyone to scroll through and read messages themselves.
"The chat is presented nearly in its entirety, with less than a dozen redactions made to protect the privacy and personal information of innocent, third parties. The redactions don’t include any information that’s relevant to WikiLeaks or their activities," Best said.
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6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Activist Publishes 11,000 Private DMs Between Wikileaks and Its Supporters - Motherboard
DMs concern a particular group chat between the official Wikileaks account and several supporters. In the chat—dubbed “Wikileaks +10” due to number of participants—Wikileaks would coordinate smear campaigns against the group’s rivals, including journalists, according to the DMs. The official Wikileaks account, widely believed to be controlled by Assange, also pushed antisemitic and transphobic messages, according to the messages.
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7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Glenn Greenwald deletes tweets
Journalist claiming to be about openness deletes his own record, ahead of a WikiLeaks dump
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7 weeks ago by nelson

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