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Guccifer 2.0 - Game Over
The campaign and the DNC were in a desperate position and really needed something similar to a Russian hacker narrative (something that leaks have since shown the DNC had started building a month or two prior to the hacking claims) and one where they would be fortunate to have a seemingly clumsy hacker that leaves lots of 'fingerprints' tainting files and bringing the reputation of leaks into question. - Sure enough, 2-3 days later, Guccifer2.0, the world's weirdest hacker was spawned and started telling lies in an effort to attribute himself to the malware discoveries & to Wikileaks.

Bugaboo Boon
4/26/2017 10:38 PM GMT+0200
Vault 7 was not about one political party, it was about our corrupt National Security agencies. Get up to speed. Assange publishes what sources give to him. Leaking comes from within, hacking comes from the outside. Assange publishes what sources "leak" or "hack" that are passed on to him. This "slime ball " as you refer to Julian Assange was picked up by the Post because any legal action taken against him under The Espionage Act would pose an equal threat to other media sources, like the Post. In the unforeseeable and drastic event that Julian is charged and convicted of Espionage, it would be curtains for any MSM outlets that published any information our Gov't didn't want you to know about, partial or in it's entirety, going way back.
You like reading newspapers, right? There won't be any left if our government has their way with Julian Assange because they will be coming after MSM next. That is because Julian's conviction would establish a legal precedent to let our government go after any media source that publishes any information they obtained any a leaker or hacker. That's not a good thing. Wikileaks is a distribution source, not a hack or leaking source. Years ago, during the Nixon reign Bernstein and Woodward met with Deep Throat in underground parking lots so that Deep Throat could "leak" information to the two publishers of the Washington Post. They were considered heroes not villains. We would never have known about Watergate without a leaker and two journalists.
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6 days ago by foliovision
Julian Assange: The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks - The Washington Post
Why is this slimeball even in the Post? We're supposed to believe that Wikileaks is both transparent and a public service to hold government accountable? How amazing, then, that all the "leaks" are damning to only one U.S. political party. Talk to me when there are leaks from the other side to claim equal exposure opportunity. Also, face your legal obligations.
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9 days ago by foliovision
United States diplomatic cables leak - Wikipedia
classified cables that had been sent to the U.S. State Department by 274 of its consulates, embassies, and diplomatic missions around the world. Dated between December 1966 and February 2010, the cables contain diplomatic analysis from world leaders, and the diplomats' assessment of host countries and their officials
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11 days ago by jackthebuttholeripper

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