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If you missed this fabulous session, you can view it on YouTube via the link below! We're streaming many…
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RT : Editathon in Ghana, Library Linked Data with Wikibase and windfarms: here's what happened around over the…
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RT : It's great to see the Welsh Libraries website now includes a map for searching open data for every Welsh…
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Mix'n'match/Manual - Meta
Mix'n'match is a tool by Magnus Manske, which contains various lists of topics from outside sources. It lets you match these with Wikidata entries, identifying which exist in Wikidata and which still don't have items - "think of a red-link list on steroids".

It currently contains over 2500 catalogues, such as the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (completed), the Australian Dictionary of Biography (completed), or the National Portrait Gallery's catalogue (52.5% matched).

In this way, it will be easy to see which items are missing from a particular Wikipedia, or which language has the best coverage of a particular topic.
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Petite pensée à , et en fouillant les données sur les regroupements…
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