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(116) Saying Goodbye to Linux Mint 17.3, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 7 and the Wii - YouTube
Saying Goodbye to Linux Mint 17.3, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 7 and the Wii
Saying  Goodbye  to  Linux  Mint  17.3  Ubuntu  14.04  Windows  7  and  the  Wii  joe  collins 
15 days ago by kilroy2
The Wii Shop Channel closes forever next week • Game Informer
Imran Khan:
<p>The question often arises of what happens when a company just decides to close up and shut down the shop, but it hasn't been too big an issue so far. That will change at the end of this week, when Nintendo becomes the biggest player in the game to shut down a digital distribution shop, in the future effectively ending the ability to download or re-download anything from the Wii Shop.

The shutdown, which was announced on Nintendo's support website, means that the Wii Shop servers will no longer be accessible. So if there's games you have paid for but do not currently have downloaded on your Wii, you have until January 30 to get them onto the system memory or associated SD card before Nintendo brings down the axe. This means WiiWare games and Virtual Console titles, as well as any content that needs to be downloaded, like channels. In theory, Skyward Sword's patch can no longer be downloaded, thus leaving a progress-blocking glitch in the game forever.</p>

There was a similar problem when all the Windows-based digital music stores shut down, but at least they were replaced by services offering the same or more songs. Not so simple with Wii games. (13-year-old's comment as he plays on Nintendo Switch: "I had no idea it was still open.")
wii  download  games 
20 days ago by charlesarthur

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