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CC3000 Smart Config - transmitting SSID and keyphrase ~ Depletion Region
the automagic to connect IoT kit, by modulating packet length to do a poor-mans morse signaling
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4 days ago by asteroza
Wi-Fi Gets More Secure: Everything You Need to Know About WPA3
Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) is a new method of authenticating a device trying to connect to a network. A variation of the so-called dragonfly handshake that uses cryptography to prevent an eavesdropper guessing a password, SAE dictates exactly how a new device, or user, should “greet” a network router when they exchange cryptographic keys.

Wi-Fi currently delivers security with 128-bit security. The 192-bit security protocol will not be mandatory but rather an optional setting for institutions that want or require it for their networks. The Wi-Fi Alliance is also emphasizing that enterprise networks should have a strong level of cryptographic strength throughout: The overall strength of a system’s security hinges on its weakest link.

Easy Connect is a recognition of the sheer number of connected devices in the world today. While not everyone may be jumping on the smart-home trend, odds are that the average person today has at least a few more devices connected to their home router than they did in 2004. Easy Connect is the Wi-Fi Alliance’s effort to make connecting all those devices more intuitive.

Rather than enter passwords every time you want to add something to your network, devices will have unique QR codes—each device’s code will function as a sort of public key. To add a device, you scan the code using a smartphone already connected to the network.

Enhanced Open uses Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE), defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 8110 standard, to protect against this sort of passive eavesdropping. OWE does not require any sort of additional authentication protection—it’s focused on improving the encryption of data sent over public networks so eavesdroppers can’t steal it. It also prevents so-called unsophisticated packet injection, in which an attacker attempts to subvert the network’s operations by constructing and transmitting data packets that look like they are part of the network’s normal operations.
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6 days ago by campylobacter
GitHub - lennartkoopmann/nzyme: Nzyme collects 802.11 management frames directly from the air and sends them to a Graylog (Open Source log management) setup for WiFi IDS, monitoring, and incident response. It only needs a JVM and a WiFi adapter that suppo
Nzyme collects 802.11 management frames directly from the air and sends them to a Graylog (Open Source log management) setup for WiFi IDS, monitoring, and incident response. It only needs a JVM and a WiFi adapter that supports monitor mode.
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8 days ago by bezthomas

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