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Mobile Wireless Recon: Raspberry Pi v3 Kismet & Final Conf - WiFi Hacking Series #11 - YouTube
In this video I show how to install and configure Kismet and autorun it at startup. This is the final video before we look into exporting the netxml files and importing them into Google Earth for example. Some important things to note in this video, are the blacklist configuration, the specific Kismet configuration I use, and of course the autorun script at startup.
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16 hours ago by euler
A lesson in wireless engineering from the Raspberry Pi
With this clever trapezoidal antenna design, the Zero W only concedes 2.25 dB of antenna efficiency while reducing the maximum antenna dimension by 8x compared to a WiFi router antenna. That is remarkable. Remarkable not simply because of the small size of the Zero W’s antenna, but because the design adheres to the strict cost and simplicity objectives behind every aspect of Raspberry Pi. This is a great example of how those kinds of constraints can spark elegant engineering solutions.
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2 days ago by micktwomey
The code can be uploaded to an ESP8266 module to esentially make a "Network Controlled Switch" The switch can be turned on or off by visiting "server_ip"/gpio/1 or "server_ip"/gpio/0
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2 days ago by asommer
A lesson in wireless engineering from the Raspberry Pi
The last takeaway is the most important: You can always learn things from clever designs and smart engineers. The amount of effort and creativity that has gone into this $10 computer is impressive—and the results speak for themselves.
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2 days ago by euler

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