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TOAST UI - GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor
A productive and Extensible GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor editor that comes with powerful Extensions in compliance with the Markdown syntax. You also get the flexibility to develop your own extensions using simple APIs.
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yesterday by liqweed
Fully automatic time tracking - Timely - AI timesheets
Fully automatic time tracking
For those who trade in time
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19 days ago by dancall
McDonald's buys $5m stake in NZX-listed Plexure | Stuff.co.nz
McDonald's has bought into NZX-listed technology company Plexure, which has had a global deal to provide the United States fast-food giant with mobile marketing technology since 2015.
Operating in a supposedly red-hot sector of the technology industry and having what is arguably the world's best-known fast-food chain as a customer has not proved a bonanza for shareholders in the Auckland business.
Plexure – formerly known as Vmob – has lost 80 per cent of its value since it first listed on the NZX's junior NZAX market in 2012 after winning "best Hi-Tech start-up" at the Hi-Tech Awards a year earlier.
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20 days ago by dancall
The Chinese takeover of Indian app ecosystem | FactorDaily
2018 is likely to be remembered as the year when the Chinese took over Indian smartphones. In December 2017, the top 10 mobile apps on Google Playstore looked a lot different than what they look from a year later. The Playstore rankings for India in 2018 have China written all over it. Five out of the top 10 mobile apps in India are Chinese — versus two at the end of 2017.
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21 days ago by dancall
BoJo backed events app DoJo to close | Prolific London
He didn’t explain exactly the reasons for the company closing down, but funding seems to be one of the main issues.
The app raised £800,000 in 2015 from a group of investors including Playfair Capital, ad agency M&C Saatchi’s venture capital arm, and the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF), an initiative set up by then Mayor of London Boris Johnson to support tech startups in the capital, Yahoo Finance reported.
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22 days ago by dancall
Does Alexa Have Any Hit Apps? Most People Use the Echo for Music - Bloomberg
Developers had less trouble creating hits for previous generations of technology. Think Angry Birds or Pokémon Go on the iPhone, or, decades ago, spreadsheets on the first Windows computers. Amazon counts some 80,000 “skills”—its name for apps—in its marketplace. It seems impressive, but at this point in their development, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store each boasted more than 550,000 applications and minted fortunes for many successful developers. 

“This platform is almost four years old, and you can’t point me to one single killer app,” says Mark Einhorn, who created a well-reviewed Alexa game that lets users operate a simulated lemonade stand and is one of 10 developers interviewed for this story.
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26 days ago by dancall
Multiply | Financial plans for freelancers
Multiply takes the stress out of thinking about your future (and how to afford it) ... even if you have an unpredictable income.
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29 days ago by dancall
Moneybox – Invest for your future
From your morning coffee to last night's Uber, round up your everyday purchases to the nearest pound and invest the spare change.
We only offer longer term investment products, and as with all investing, your capital is at risk.
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29 days ago by dancall
The Waze App Knows Exactly When You’re Seeing McDonald’s Billboards - Eater
Last October, Waze tested these new advertising capabilities in Southern California. The Waze app mapped the location of around 300 McDonald’s billboards in the area. When Waze users traveled along a route with one of these, the app pushed a “zero-speed takeover” ad, which appears on the Waze device when the car is stopped. (Safety first, then processed pork products.) Along with a photo of the elusive McRib sandwich, the ad offered drivers the option to reroute to a nearby McDonald’s location.

During the campaign, 8,400 drivers opted to reroute to a McDonald’s. This number only includes drivers who immediately went to a McDonald’s after seeing the ad, but given that the ad made 6 million total impressions, it’s likely other drivers picked up a McRib or made a McDonald’s visit later. Although Waze didn’t track those visits, the company does have that capability: Waze pings its users’ GPS every second and stores that data, sometimes sharing it with local governments, in what many consider a step too far regarding privacy concerns.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
Burger King sets rivals' ads aflame with AR app | Mobile Marketer
Burger King is offering mobile users in Brazil a free Whopper for virtually setting fire to the ads of its rivals, The Drum reported. The burger chain's app shows a "Burn That Ad" banner that mobile users can tap while pointing their smartphone camera at the print, coupon and billboard ads from competitors like McDonald's.
As a video spot for the campaign shows, Burger King's app uses augmented reality (AR) to overlay digital images of a blazing inferno that burns away competitors' ads to reveal a mobile coupon for a free Whopper sandwich from the chain's nearest location.
Burger King expects to give away about half a million Whoppers during the campaign, which highlights the pre-ordering, payment and pickup features of BK Express. Agency David São Paulo developed the campaign for Burger King Brazil.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
Apps That Provide Digital Fitness Prescriptions | PYMNTS.com
Digital subscriptions are charting a course to help provide runners with an alternative to working out alone, through the guidance of coaches offered on monthly or yearly plans. “We thought there would be a more fun way to get runners engaged,” Charge Running Co-founder Julie Knippen told PYMNTS in an interview. While some people want to get into a cardio routine, she noted, “sometimes it’s hard to get out the door.” She also wanted to make it easy to stay in a run, and not just look at a watch and wonder “have I run long enough?”

“We know races are fun, but training for them? Not so much,” Knippen said. To bring excitement back into the everyday run, she helped create Charge Running. “It’s a mobile fitness app that provides live group fitness classes that you can do from anywhere in the world,” she noted. Through the app, users can see live runs and run along with other users. Trainers provide live feedback, unlike the experience that a pre-recorded app provides. Knippen noted that trainers can, for instance, say that a runner is doing a great job at a nine-minute pace, but that another user is coming up behind them.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
Asity - Universally reusable web fragments on the JVM
A lightweight abstraction layer to build universally reusable web fragments on the JVM, and web fragment represents a component that receives HTTP request-response or WebSocket connection like a controller in MVC but is able to be compatible with any web framework in the Java ecosystem.
WebSockets  HTTP  widgets  web-framework  opensource  framework  Java  server 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
Grow your games business with ads
We’re introducing App campaigns for engagement in Google Ads to help players rediscover your game by engaging them with relevant ads across Google’s properties. With App campaigns for engagement, you can reconnect with players in many different ways, such as encouraging lapsed players to complete the tutorial, introducing new features that have been added since a player’s last session, or getting someone to open the game for the first time on Android (which only Google can help with).
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Investing app Stash raises $65M, launches banking and ‘stock-back’ rewards with Green Dot | TechCrunch
Stash, the fintech startup and app that aims to introduce new people to the world of investing, is unveiling some interesting new services while also announcing that it has raised more funding to expand its business. The company is introducing mobile-based banking accounts from Green Dot Bank, and, alongside it, a new rewards program called “Stock-Back.” When users spend money using their Stash accounts, they get “points” — which are either stocks in the companies where they are buying goods, or shares in ETFs approved by Stash. On top of that, Stash also said it raised a Series E of $65 million that it will be using to grow its business on the back of these two launches.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Microsoft Office News on Twitter: "Data entry just became easier! You can now take a picture of a printed data table and automatically convert it into a fully editable @msExcel spreadsheet. Rolling out to #Android users and coming soon to #iOS! Learn more
Data entry just became easier! You can now take a picture of a printed data table and automatically convert it into a fully editable @msExcel spreadsheet. Rolling out to #Android users and coming soon to
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Eastnine (@eastnine.fit) • Instagram photos and videos
[Fitness app - has a running club]
Structured audio coaching & creative sports content
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6 weeks ago by dancall

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