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august 2019 by springfeld
It’s Time for the Lost Cause of the South to Get Lost
The Mammy statue in Washington was to have been the culmination of a two-decade campaign to erect such monuments in every southern state by the UDC and its companion United Confederate Veterans, which together formed one one of the most formidable lobbying groups of the age. Their goal was nothing less than to rewrite the history of the Civil War. It rested on three main precepts: that slavery was not the cause of the conflict; that it was a struggle for Southern independence over Northern aggression; and that slaves never sought their freedom but were only too glad to be civilized under the hand of a superior race. All of this was romanticized under the rubric of “The Lost Cause,” in which a martyred South was defeated by a rapacious North solely due to the weight of numbers. The Yankees had the bigger battalions, not the better reasons.
history  whitewashing  racism  slavery  whiteNationalism 
november 2018 by campylobacter
Himmler’s Antiquity
It isn't as if the discipline of classical studies arrived complete and fully formed on the desks of early scholars like Friedrich Nietzsche, whose Dionysian versus Apollonian reading of antiquity is still visible in the fabric of the field. The discipline was shaped by mostly elite European men, and their interests determined the early scope of the field. That’s why we learn Greek and Latin but not Hebrew, which was part of the field until the 18th century; it's why the lives of women and children were largely ignored; it's why the novels associated with the lower classes were not taken seriously as literature. It's why Cicero and Socrates, not to mention Jesus, were cast as white, just like the scholars studying them were.

Except, of course, Cicero and Socrates were decidedly not "white". They would have been thoroughly confused by the claim, since ancient theories of race differed greatly from modern ones, and had no category for "white". Rather than being primarily physiognomic — that is, based on visible physical features like melanin or hair type — race in antiquity was tied to climate, geography, and even political structures; one's race might not be easily identifiable at sight, and might even change, based on the exigencies of life, and regardless of external appearances. There was, consequently, no conception of a "white" race — what we see as whiteness did not signify racially.
racism  history  whiteSupremacy  whitewashing  Egypt  literature 
october 2018 by campylobacter
The True Story of Pocahontas as NOT told by Disney
Matoaka often visited the settlement at Jamestown to help the settlers during times when food was in short supply. On 13 th April, 1613 AD, during one of these visits, Samuel Argall captured Matoaka to ransom her for some English prisoners held by her father. She was held hostage at Jamestown for over a year. During her captivity, tobacco planter John Rolfe took a ‘special interest’ in the attractive young prisoner, and he eventually conditioned her release upon her agreeing to marry him. Matoaka was baptized ‘Rebecca’ and in 1614, she was married John Rolfe - the first recorded marriage between a European and a Native American.
history  whitewashing  nativeamericans 
october 2018 by campylobacter
Danske Bank, le scandale qui pertube la finance européenne - Page 2 | Mediapart
Page 2: La première banque danoise se retrouve aux prises avec un scandale gigantesque : plus de 200 milliards d’euros d’argent sale en provenance de Russie et des ex-pays soviétiques ont transité et étaient blanchis par l’intermédiaire de sa filiale estonienne. Mais le scandale ne s’arrête pas là : Londres, la Deutsche Bank et les régulateurs européens sont aussi mêlés à l’affaire.
Economy  Banks  Whitewashing 
september 2018 by mjjones
Danske Bank, le scandale qui pertube la finance européenne - Page 1 | Mediapart
La première banque danoise se retrouve aux prises avec un scandale gigantesque : plus de 200 milliards d’euros d’argent sale en provenance de Russie et des ex-pays soviétiques ont transité et étaient blanchis par l’intermédiaire de sa filiale estonienne. Mais le scandale ne s’arrête pas là : Londres, la Deutsche Bank et les régulateurs européens sont aussi mêlés à l’affaire.
Economy  Banks  Europe  Whitewashing 
september 2018 by mjjones
ICE's Risk Classification Assessment turned into a digital rubber stamp
If this report is correct, this "statistics-based" risk classification tool is just a cruel joke:
To conform to Trump’s policies, Reuters has learned, ICE modified a tool officers have been using since 2013 when deciding whether an immigrant should be detained or released on bond. The computer-based Risk Classification Assessment uses statistics to determine an immigrant’s flight risk and danger to society.
Previously, the tool automatically recommended either “detain” or “release.” Last year, ICE spokesman Bourke said, the agency removed the “release” recommendation.

More: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/evk3kw/ice-modified-its-risk-assessment-software-so-it-automatically-recommends-detention
immigration  statistics  machine-learning  rubber-stamping  fake-algorithms  whitewashing  ice  us-politics 
june 2018 by jm
Adam Beach On Why Exclusion Of Native Americans In Casting Roles Is Hurtful
Even if we overlook tribal enrollment or the Indian status cards that legally identify one as Native in the United States and Canada, there are other markers of Native identity, like kinship and community bonds. One is Native their entire life. It is a not a costume that we can remove. These are some of the topics that my wife (Summer Tiger) and I speak about on a daily basis. Only a Native knows what it is to be Native, because they have the life experience to show it, in all its nuanced complexities. Summer, who is an enrolled member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology, states, “The perpetuation of historical trauma that has been handed down generation to generation is resulting in disproportionate rates of youth suicides, alcoholism, and drug abuse on reservations. Hollywood profits off of telling our stories, using us as backdrops in their white savior narratives, sending the message to our people that we are disposable. The least Hollywood could do is cast Natives who are actually connected to their tribe.”
nativeamericans  hollywood  whiteprivilege  capitalism  whitewashing 
september 2017 by campylobacter

. Respect.

whitewashing  hellboy  from twitter
august 2017 by hypatia

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