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What’s Happening In Sweden? – Bella Caledonia
"When it comes to making absurd exaggerations about this country to suit their beliefs, they are latecomers. If Sweden occupies an outsized position in the dystopian geography of the nativist right, this is derivative, a sacrilegious inversion of the role it has held for generations in the belief system of their progressive opponents.

It seemed harmless enough, a few years back, when no one talked about ‘fake news’ – but actually, what’s the difference between taking a small local experiment and blowing it up into a story about a whole country switching to a six-hour day, and taking a few local incidents involving immigrants and blowing these up into a story about a whole country where law and order is breaking down? The content is different, sure, and the consequences darker, but the basic pattern is the same."
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The Great White Robot God - David Golumbia - Medium
Many parts of digital culture are closely tied to right-wing politics, and so are many other parts of culture. Even given this general truism, specific segments of that culture evidence right-wing politics in specific ways. The culture of bitcoin is permeated with far-right economic “theories” that don’t show up in such direct form in, say, GamerGate.
In AGI, we see a particular overvaluation of “general intelligence” as not merely the mark of human being, but of human value: everything that is worth anything in being human is captured by “rationality” or “logic,” and soon enough, a quasi-religious revelation will occur that will make that undeniably — transcendentally — true. In other words, God will appear and tell us that white people have been right all along: the thing that they claim they have more of than anyone else will turn out to be the thing that matters more than anything else, the thing that according to which we should ultimately be evaluated, the thing that will save our souls.
radlib  tech&society  AGI  AI  whitesupremacy 
10 weeks ago by barbarafister
Native American Presidential Forum Features Mark Charles, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders
The rise of the First People of this land raises big—even fundamental—questions about the United States, its history, and its democracy.
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RT : Crowd chanting as some confront In Hillsborough.
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