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Public Citizen on Twitter: "RT @Public_Citizen: BREAKING: The Trump administration just backed down and settled our FOIA lawsuit to obtain the White House visitor...
RT : BREAKING: The Trump administration just backed down and settled our FOIA lawsuit to obtain the White House visitor ogs they were trying to keep secret. The public will have access to these records in the coming months.
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wersja lutowa. Schronisko na Szrenicy w zimowej szacie. By Kryspin Lubera- Fotografia
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Rob Porter’s history of domestic abuse wasn’t a secret.
As it turns out, the first #MeToo story to actually trip up the White House needed to be as graphic and violent as the accusations against Rob Porter. It needed to involve a Rhodes Scholar golden boy who had been married—married—to old-fashioned girls to even count. via Pocket
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