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The Most Startup Friendly Whiteboard
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4 days ago by guy
Amazon | CANSAY nu board ヌーボード A4判 NGA403FN08 | ホワイトボード | Office Products
Interesting dry erase notebook, internally filled with thin flexible whiteboard pages (6 or so pages?) and intermediary clear pages to protect the whiteboard pages from smudging against each other.
dry  erase  whiteboard  notebook  note  taking  writing  tools 
6 days ago by asteroza
All you need to know about whiteboard markers – graphicfacilitation – Medium
All you need to know about whiteboard markers
By @YuriMalishenko

Very useful.

(In my expe…
drawing  whiteboard  pen 
6 days ago by njr0
All you need to know about whiteboard markers – graphicfacilitation – Medium
Maybe hundreds of thousands of people are using whiteboards everyday to communicate, create and innovate. It has been too long that whiteboard markers stayed overlooked and the time has come to shed some light on these humble pawns of strategic office play.
This is probably the most comprehensive review of one of the most underestimated tools of the modern technology world. While these markers are very important for the modern office life there is still a certain vacuum of information around the topic.
With this article I will try to break through the void of knowledge and share my review of the most popular markers found all over the world.
whiteboard  markers 
6 days ago by euler

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