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Following the news that an estimated 500,000 tumble dryers in the UK due for recall – many of which were…
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Inject your DAB+ portable with steriods | FM DXing
DAB+ Digital radio has been dogged with criticism since inception. Criticisms levelled by consumers and audiophiles included:

* an excessively high initial purchase price for portable receivers (the average price was approximately $200);
* poor or excessively restricted coverage areas;
* deceptive or misleading advertising about CD audio quality by the digital broadcasting lobby group;
* poor audio quality relative to FM broadcasts and digital music downloads (e.g. Bigpond Music, Apple Itunes) &
* a restricted choice of radio programming offerings, including frequently repeated content.

Somewhat of a resurgence appears to be underway due to the affordability of receivers. USB computer receivers with the E4000 tuner (photographed below) can be purchased from $20. These plug into the external television antenna. Decoding of DVB-T (Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting) reception is included.


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