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What is Cryptocurrency in Hindi? | क्रिप्टोकोर्रेंसी क्या है?
If you want to know anything about Cryptocurrency then this video is for you. A Cryptocurrency is a Digital or Virtual Currency. A cryptocurrency uses Cryptography for Security. If you want to Buy Good or avail any service online then you can buy this without regular currency and that is through Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is Decentralize currency and Agent, Regulatory Board or Government are not owns this Digital currency so that's why no one controls their rates.
what  is  cryprocurrency  in  hindi  cryptocurrency 
7 days ago by aniskhan
Margaret F. Braun, Angela Bryan - Female waist-to-hip and male waist-to-shoulder ratios as determinants of romantic partner desirability
Women strongly prefer men with larger shoulders and smaller waist for one-night stands, but agreeableness matters more for relationships.

[[One-time sexual encounter:

* As predicted, the female participants in this study clearly found the male target with a more ‘manly’ tapering ‘V’ body shape (i.e., larger shoulders and a smaller waist) to be more desirable for a one-time sexual encounter than his counterpart with shoulders and waist of nearly equal size.

* female participants preferred the more ‘masculine’ waist-to shoulder ratio. The male target’s perceived level of agreeableness was reliably associated with the female participants’ judgments of his dating and relationship desirability, however, perceived agreeableness did not predict desirability for a one-time sexual encounter.

* women may systematically use waist-to-shoulder ratio as a standard for assessing the desirability of a male target for a potential one-time sexual partner, but not the desirability of a longer-term partner.

Both men and women also reported that they would rather have a one-time sexual encounter with the target who had a more attractive body shape. Specifically, and consistent with prior research (Singh, 1993a, 1993b, 1994, 1995; Singh & Suwardi, 1995), men would rather have a one time sexual encounter with the female target that depicted a smaller, more feminine waist-to-hip ratio. New to this research, women reported that they would rather have sex with the male target that depicted a smaller, more masculine waist-to-shoulder ratio.

For female participants, the male target’s manipulated level of agreeableness was a significant predictor of participant ratings of his attractiveness, dominance, and agreeableness. The manipulated body shape of the male target only demonstrated a direct effect on his desirability for a one-time sexual encounter. Female participant ratings of the male target’s attractiveness significantly predicted females’ judgments of his desirability for all three relationship levels: A date, a one-time sexual encounter, and a longterm relationship.

Our findings suggest that body shape and personality do influence the desirability of a potential mate, though in different ways for men and women. Men, to a greater extent than women, self-reported that physical features including face, body, and weight were important to their judgments of the desirability of a target. Conversely, women considered personality, intelligence, and career choice to be significantly more important in determining target desirability than did men.

we believe that the male waist (rather than the hips) represents a point of comparison to the shoulders that emphasizes a more typically masculine body shape.

They found that males with a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio (i.e., broader shoulders and smaller hips) reported a younger age at first masturbation and first sexual intercourse, a higher number of sexual
partners, and more sexual encounters outside of their current relationship.
Swami and Tovee (2005) found that female participants’ judgments of male physical attractiveness were influenced by men’s waist-to-chest ratio, however, only for women with higher socioeconomic status. Dijkstra and Buunk (2001) reported that male participants rated same-sex rivals that portrayed a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio as more dominant and more attractive, noting that male participants paid most attention to rivals’ shoulders, chest, and waistline, not hips.

In judging desirability, we expected male participants to place more emphasis on female body shape, whereas females would focus more on
personality characteristics. Further, we expected that relationship
type would moderate the extent to which physical characteristics were valued over personality. Specifically, physical characteristics were expected to be most valued in short-term sexual encounters when compared with long-term relationships. Two hundred and thirty-nine participants (134 females, 105 males; 86% Caucasian) rated the desirability of an opposite-sex target for a date, a one-time sexual
encounter, and a serious relationship. All key hypotheses were supported by the data.

‘[I]t seems that neither physical attractiveness nor financial status alone determine male attractiveness; females appear to stress these two factors about equally’ (Singh, 1995, p. 1099).

Consistent with the notion that men perceive women with smaller waist-to-hip ratios as more attractive, the manipulated body shape of the female target was a significant predictor of men’s rating of her attractiveness. Manipulated body shape was also a direct predictor of male participants’ ratings of the female target’s desirability for a one-time sexual encounter. Male participants’ ratings of the female target’s level of attractiveness were reliably associated with her desirability for a date, a one-time sexual encounter, and a relationship.]]
study  what  women  want  sexual  attraction  shoulders  waist  hip  ratio 
9 days ago by dandv
If sin (x-20) °= (3x-10) ° then what is the value of x? - Quora
https://www.quora.com/If-sin-x-20-%C2%B0-3x-10-%C2%B0-then-what-is-the-value-of-x ;;;
tags: If sin (x-20) °= (3x-10) ° then what is the value of x? - Quora | komal neha harshu DPS 2017-18 2017-2018 20180112 Q5 || k sai siddhartha ;;;
question is stated incorrectly at the top of the page, but if you search for ONGC, you will get to the correct question and its solution.
ctrl+F= ongc <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<< <<<
If  sin  (x-20)  °=  (3x-10)  °  then  what  is  the  value  of  x?  -  Quora  |  komal  neha  harshu  DPS  2017-18  2017-2018  20180112  Q5  ||  k  sai  siddhartha  vaibhav 
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