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Apple Arcade VS Google Stadia: What's the Difference?
Just a week after Google’s landmark announcement of its Stadia cloud gaming and integration service, Apple debuted its Arcade game subscription service at its Cupertino headquarters. The big revelation at the first major event this year by the tech giant, Apple Arcade is a subscription service that will let Apple users enjoy games across a...

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Apple  Arcade  VS  Google  Stadia:  What’s  the  Difference? 
28 days ago by vrzone
Modern Branding: What's In A Name? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
I find myself wondering if marketers need to be thinking about modern branding. Things just aren’t what they were. Marketing is in trouble. As Mark Schaefer points out in his latest book, The Marketing Rebellion, loyalty is a myth.
modern  branding:  what’s 
4 weeks ago by marshallk

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