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Time Lapse of the Sushi Scene in Isle of Dogs
40 seconds of video took about 32 days to complete, although obviously not full days in many cases.
wes_anderson  time_lapse  animation  stopmotion 
december 2018 by michlr
cuss yeah Fantastic Mr. Fox
“Well, okay. I’m just gonna say it. There’s a scene at the end of the movie when George Clooney’s character, myself, my cousin and the opossum, Kylie, are all on a little motorcycle driving back to our home. And we’ve just rescued my cousin. And we stop and we see a wolf on a distant hill, and it’s a really beautiful, beautiful scene. It’s like so heart-warming because it’s just a beautiful moment between these foxes and little animals and this really like mysterious wolf who we’ve heard about the entire movie and who doesn’t talk in this scene and he’s not wearing clothes. He’s kind of, he represents I guess, the wild. He’s a wild wolf and animal, and it’s a beautiful moment where they have this great connection, and in that moment, it really like to me the point of that scene is let’s keep on being free. Let’s keep on being animals. And it’s such an uplifting moment, and like when I’ve seen it with audiences, a bunch of people break into huge cheers and hooting. It’s such an awesome, awesome scene. It really just blows my mind.
Wes_Anderson  movies 
june 2014 by valtom
Wes Anderson: Centered
Another short film by Kogonada, exploring the unique style of director Wes Anderson, his propensity for symmetry and perfect centering of his subjects throughout his films. The track is The New Lobby Boy by Alexandre Desplat.
wes_anderson  symmetry  cinematography 
march 2014 by rufous
Actual props from latest Wes Anderson film on display in Dublin
Generally when you make graphics for film you have to give the propmaster six copies of everything… or 30 it’s something that’s going to get covered in fake blood on set.
props  wes_anderson  thejournal.ie 
march 2014 by rufous

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