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7 Steps to a New You - EatingWell
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The WELL: State of the World 2019
The WELL: State of the World 2019
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The WELL: State of the World 2019
"So I travelled quite a lot in late 2018, but I found pretty much
the same mood, spread worldwide. It's the "new dark." Tallinn
and Bangalore were were the brighter standouts -- more energetic,
more sense of get-up and go -- but there's just not much twinkly,
sparkly social energy out there.

It's gray, it's becalmed. It's not a fatal gloom, but it is a
kind of learned-helplessness, a malaise and bewilderment. It's very
much the attitude of people who sign onto Facebook 'cause they can't
yet figure out any other way to live. They do that, because they
must conform to the apparent need, despite their vague oxlike
awareness that they're being spied on, tricked, and defrauded."

"With all that admitted, though, among this global weltschmerz
there's a strange undercurrent of people who are personally having a
pretty good time. There's fire under the ash. People are not in a
morbid, overwrought despair; on the contrary, the streets look
well-ordered, people are better-dressed, the birth rate is up a
little.... They may not have dependable jobs, or a retirement plan,
but they've hit on routines, of a sort."

"The worst-case scenario for a modern European rim country is
Ukraine. That is the EU-Russia shatterbelt where the elderly
village grannies, the last ones too poor to flee, are harvesting
their turnips while getting randomly pounded by mortar fire. There
is no true war-front there, with any genuine military tactics or
strategy, no defeat, no victory. Basically, it's covert operatives
from hundreds of kilometers away pay jobless young men to blow up
their own country with loaned heavy-weapons. Very like
election-meddling, but with howitzers."

"I would point out, if it helps any, that this worst-case
scenario is, historically, not that severe. If you compare the
Russia/Ukraine "Hot Peace" to the massive depredations there of one
hundred years ago, the Czarist White Terror, Trotsky on the armored
propaganda trains, it's mild."

"angrier crabs in that
basket, but Ukraine is typical of our times. It's the patient zero
for the actual trouble. The prospects for real peace there are very
slim. The prospects of that kind of offshored Violence Lite
appearing elsewhere, those are high. This is especially true if the USA transforms into the Trump
Towers All-White Gated Community. Then the Bush New World Order
will look in the mirror and see itself as it is nowadays, merely a
Trump branded, dodgy, break-the-bank hotel and casino project. I
don't wanna go on and on about The Donald this year -- because he
bores and disgusts people now, which is a good sign -- but if
"everything Trump touches dies," then American military hegemony is
a likely casualty. And where does Hot Peace break out after that?
Pretty much anywhere."

"So what does post-disruption, post-Moore's Law,
tech-industry consolidation look and feel like? What kind of world
is that, what matters to people who live then? What happens when
there's no Next Big Thing, and you live in a New-Dark Hot-Peace?
What do people do with their time, their ambitions -- just tremble
at the Greenhouse thunderstorms? They're bound to be up to

"Hidden beauty will rematerialize."

"Tomorrow composts today.

There’s a melancholy in learning that your dreams and intentions get
packed down in the mulch of the passing years; that a crystalline
gesture loses its sharp edges; that historic fame turns famous
people into cartoon parodies of themselves. "
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