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Effects of Maternal Work Incentives on Adolescent Social Behaviors
Welfare reform had no favorable effects on any of the youth behaviors examined and led to decreased volunteering among girls, increases in skipping school, damaging property, and fighting among boys, and increases in smoking and drug use among both boys and girls, with larger effects for boys

Overall, the intergenerational effects of welfare reform on adolescent behaviors were unfavorable, particularly for boys, and do not support longstanding arguments that limiting cash assistance leads to responsible behavior in the next generation. As such, the favorable effects of welfare reform for women may have come at a cost to the next generation
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YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: In the Belly of the Beast! Stefan Molyneux Interviewed by James Delingpole in Brussels - YouTube
'James Delingpole interviews Stefan Molyneux after his speech at the European Union Parliament on Tech Censorship.' -- "When you get rid of love, you get political allegiance. Women still need resources, rather than getting if from their husband, they get it from the state. Which means they use the power of the state to forcibly extract resources from anonymous men to give to them rather than being loved by a man. And that allegiance to the state is why the state programs people to reject love." -- Harem Patriarchy
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Mississippi demands accountability from parents on public assistance — so why is the state so secretive about how it manages welfare funds? | Mississippi Today
In 2017, MDHS came under fire when it published its 2016 approval rate for TANF: the agency had approved just 1.4 percent of new applicants.

In the next annual reports for fiscal years 2017 and 2018, the department omitted the TANF approval rates, a dataset included in every annual report since at least 2004, the oldest report on the agency’s website.

Records the human-services department provided Mississippi Today show the agency approved 26 percent of applicants in 2017 and 23 percent in 2018.
welfare  TANF 
23 days ago by brycecovert
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: Welfare State + Low Fertility = Migrant Crisis (TFM 42O)
"Basically there are no countries left to draw from which aren't Muslim. Islam is the only place where they actually have a good fertility rate because they're not feminist. So if you're wondering why all these immigrants are coming from the Middle East and Africa, that's why. Because they have a high fertility rate because they didn't empower their women." "To get rid of welfare you have to take women's rights away because women get 70% of welfare. You'll never get women to along with any sort of welfare reform. Nothing gets fixed as long as women vote. Nothing. So if you don't like the immigration, the grooming gangs and the violence ... basically, this ends with women losing their rights. There are only 3 scenarios: #1. You sit on your hands and do nothing until Islam takes over; they will kill you and they take women's rights away. #2. You rise up against your government and overthrow them, establish a Japan-like ethnostate which slowly goes extinct over a hundred years and then someone else takes over and they take the women's rights away. #3. Or you take women's rights away. And the best part is, objectively, taking women's rights away is the most humane, lest violent, best objective answer. No need for civil war, no need for race war, no need for forced removal, nothing. Just take women's rights away and get your fertility rate back up. Get rid of the welfare state and most of the immigrants will simply leave. They're only there for the welfare. Take women's rights away, get rid of welfare, and the immigrants leave. There. Simple. Peaceful. Bloodless."
rkselectiontheory  decadence  welfare  statism  gynocentrism  feminism  population  migration  conquest  collapse 
24 days ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Turd Flinging Monkey: Patriarchal Peer Review
"Once you give women the right to vote they vote for big government. It's their biological imperative. Once you give women the right to vote, that's all they vote for – it's not their money, it's men's money – so of course they're going to vote for free shit. And women live longer and everything, they are the majority of the population, so the day they get the vote, your country's government will never shrink again. Never. It will only get bigger because women will keep voting for bigger stuff. This crazy train has no brakes. So, yes, shrinking the government would help, but shrinking the government, by necessity, requires you take women's voting rights away. You can't shrink the government so long as women vote."
women  gynocentrism  statism  welfare  parasitism  collapse 
24 days ago by adamcrowe

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