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RSocket - Binary protocol for use on byte stream
A binary protocol for use on byte stream transports such as TCP, WebSockets, and Aeron.
protocol  binary  opensource  networking  streaming  websockets 
10 days ago by liqweed
ClusterWS documentation
Tool for handling or making websocket connections, in js, java or swift
websockets  js  javascript  java  swift  ws 
10 days ago by reedhedges
Pushpin — An Open Source Library That Turns REST APIs into Realtime APIs
“Real-time” is becoming an omnipresent force in the modern tech stack. As consumers demand faster and more frequent data transactions, companies are increasingly investing in product infrastructure…
event-driven  realtime  APIs  push  websockets 
22 days ago by lenards
WebSockets for awesome on the ESP8266 - YouTube
Websockets are ... just ... awesome. So, I started implementing them on the ESP8266. The configuration interface on my esp8266ws2812spi tool uses them so does ColorChord:
websockets  esp8266  youtube  video 
26 days ago by cyberchucktx
Control a Quadcopter over Websockets | Hackaday
Everyone’s favourite IOT module, the ESP8266, is often the go-to choice for any project that needs quick and cheap control over the web. [Andi23456] wanted to control his quadcopter using the luxury of his mobile phone and thought permanently tethering an ESP12-E module to the quadcopter was exactly what he required.
hackaday  esp8266  websockets  drones  flight 
26 days ago by cyberchucktx
RSocket is a binary protocol for use on byte stream transports such as TCP, WebSockets, and Aeron.

It enables the following symmetric interaction models via async message passing over a single connection:

request/response (stream of 1)
request/stream (finite stream of many)
fire-and-forget (no response)
channel (bi-directional streams)
It supports session resumption, to allow resuming long-lived streams across different transport connections. This is particularly useful for mobile<->server communication when network connections drop, switch, and reconnect frequently.

Detailed information can be found in these documents:
networking  protocol  stream  streaming  tcp  websockets 
28 days ago by wjy
Serverless JS-Webapp Pub/Sub with AWS IoT
Maybe realtime pubsub on AWS via websockets/MQTT
AWS  realtime  pubsub  WebSockets  MQTT  IoT 
28 days ago by asteroza

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