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Top 30 CSS Animation Examples with Code to Create Best Animation Webs
Top 30 inspiring CSS animation examples with code in 2019 are introduced for you to download and create amazing animation websites.
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2 days ago by robotattack
Conversions on are now possible. Want to own a website that generates leads? Contact here…
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3 days ago by krishnau
Humane by Design
Humane by Design is a resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being.
ethics  humane  design  design-principles  human  guidelines  Accessibility  websites  guideline 
4 days ago by AlanRalph
Opt for proven and scientific methods at persuasion. are adapting to the framework of Hollywood's…
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7 days ago by krishnau
N0taN3rd/Squidwarc: Squidwarc is a high fidelity, user scriptable, archival crawler that uses Chrome or Chromium with or without a head
Squidwarc is a high fidelity, user scriptable, archival crawler that uses Chrome or Chromium with or without a head.

Squidwarc aims to address the need for a high fidelity crawler akin to Heritrix while still being easy enough for the personal archivist to setup and use.

Squidwarc does not seek (at the moment) to dethrone Heritrix as the queen of wide archival crawls rather seeks to address Heritrix's shortcomings namely:

- No JavaScript execution
- Everything is plain text
- Requiring configuration to know how to preserve the web
- Setup time and technical knowledge required of its users
archive  download  warc  internet  websites  Open-Source  backup  crawler  chrome-headless 
7 days ago by MichaelX
peterk/warcworker: A dockerized, queued high fidelity web archiver based on Squidwarc
A dockerized queued high fidelity web archiver based on Squidwarc (Chrome headless), RabbitMQ and a small web frontend. Using the scripting abilities of Squidwarc, you can add scripts that should be run for a specific crawl (e.g. src-set enrichment, comment expansion etc).
archive  download  warc  internet  websites  Open-Source  backup  crawler  browser  viewer  chrome-headless 
7 days ago by MichaelX
internetarchive/warcprox: WARC writing MITM HTTP/S proxy
Warcprox is an HTTP proxy designed for web archiving applications. When used in parallel with brozzler it supports a comprehensive, modern, and distributed archival web capture system. Warcprox stores its traffic to disk in the Web ARChive (WARC) file format, which may then be accessed with web archival replay software like OpenWayback and pywb. It captures encrypted HTTPS traffic by using the "man-in-the-middle" technique (see the Man-in-the-middle section for more info).
archive  download  warc  internet  websites  Open-Source  backup  crawler 
7 days ago by MichaelX
machawk1/warcreate: Chrome extension to "Create WARC files from any webpage"
WARCreate is a Google Chrome extension with an aim to be able to "Create WARC files from any webpage".

With WARCs normally being limited to be generated by Internet Archive's Heritrix Archival Crawler, providing another means of generating these files from webpages opens the door to

- Preserving content not accessible to crawlers (e.g., deep web contents)
- Circumventing the complication and overhead needed to setup a Heritrix instance by an end-user
- Allowing a webpage to be interacted with (e.g., Facebook comments unrolled) prior to preservation, ensuring content that might not be initially present in a page is available to be captured.

...among many other use cases.
archive  download  warc  internet  websites  Open-Source  backup  crawler  chrome  extension 
7 days ago by MichaelX

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