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7 hours ago by seltzy
Enhanced Your for Instant and App Streaming
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21 hours ago by jhill5
helps Your a Better job of Matching Users Expectations
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3 days ago by jhill5
Documentation & Demos – YAML CSS Framework
Inline Semantic Text Decoration
an anchor tag (<a>) example
an italics and emphasize tag (<i>, <em>) example
a big and small tag (<big>, <small>) example
a bold and strong tag (<b>, <strong>) example
an acronym and abbreviation tag (<acronym>, <abbr>) example
a cite and quote tag (<cite>, <q> ) example
a code and definition tag (<code>, <dfn>) example
a teletype and keyboard tag (<tt>, <kbd>) example
a variable and sample tag (<var>, <samp>) example
an inserted and deleted tag (<ins>, <del>) example
a subscript and superscript tag (<sub>, <sup>) example
a mark tag (HTML5) (<mark>) example
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3 days ago by fallond
Creating Layout Presets | Gantry Documentation
In this section, we will explain how to create a new Layout Preset with double sidebar. Each sidebar section represents a block within the grid container that makes up the Main, Sidebar 1, and Sidebar 2 sections. You can find more information about how sidebars work in the Sidebar Blocks and Grids section of the Layout Manager guide.
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3 days ago by fallond
Layouts - Minimal Mistakes
Markdown formats for website style layouts.
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3 days ago by fallond

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